Capstone CMT 380 hybrid supercar combines electric and micro turbine power
2 December 2009

The oddest launch at the LA motor show was the Capstone CMT 380.

It’s a hybrid supercar with electric power from 96 lithium ion batteries and assistance from a 30kW biodiesel-powered micro-turbine - essentially a jet engine.

See the Capstone CMT 380 pictures

This combination gives it an electronically limited 150mph top speed and it shoots to 60mph in 3.9sec.

Just in electric mode it’s good for an 80-mile range but this extends to 500 miles when the turbine is brought into play. Emissions are said to be ‘ultra-low’ but no figure is available.

Capstone has made its name supplying micro-turbines to power office blocks, but the car itself was designed by Richard Hilleman, a video games millionaire.

The company plans to scale up production next year, producing around 10 to 15 cars to be sold at £171,000, probably in kit form.

Company boss Jim Crause told Autocar that there are no reasons why the CMT 380 couldn’t make it to the UK, because right-hand drive conversion is a simple process.

Chas Hallett

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2 December 2009

Odd? Brilliant more like. Check this link out:

3 December 2009

I would reckon for are looking at this quite closely considering it's visual resemblance to the GT.

That said, once they got round to the back and saw that 80's louvred pannel........

Joking aside, the principle seems sound, even if the price is a little steep.



It's all about the twisties........

3 December 2009

[quote TStag]Odd? Brilliant more like.[/quote]

I agree TStag; it’s what the Volt/Ampera should eventually have for its range extender. Turbines are simple, light, efficient, and can be run on almost any fuel; the Capstone unit fits the bill nicely for EREV applications.

Capstone Microturbine

You don’t need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
—Robert Allen Zimmerman

3 December 2009

Sounds really interesting. Here's some more info.

Jackflash - The Capstone Microturbine Youtube video (From History Channels Modern Marvels) is really interesting. Good find!

3 December 2009

I like the concept. It makes a lot of sense to use a constant rpm turbine, once the holy grail of car manufacturers, but this made me laugh: "there are no reasons why the CMT 380 couldn’t make it to the UK, because right-hand drive conversion is a simple process." Oh really? Is that why so many low volume imports remain LHD?

3 December 2009

Thanks for the video jackjflash.

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