Toyota confirms European market won't follow Japan's plans to sell current and next generation Prius

Toyota Europe has said it will not follow Japan’s lead by selling the outgoing Prius model alongside the new one.

Toyota’s president Katsuaki Watanabe announced today that the current Prius would remain on sale in Japan when the new model arrives, suggesting that there would be suitable demand for the outgoing Prius’s 1.5-litre engine alongside the new model’s 1.8-litre unit.

However, a Toyota source has told Autocar that the two models will not be sold alongside each other in Europe.

Our insider added that the Japanese decision could have been made because Toyota is trying to sell unsold stock that had built up during the recession. The current-generation Prius could also be priced to compete with Honda's cheaper Insight for sales.

The third-generation Prius will go on in sale in the UK in June.

Mark Tisshaw


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