Production is slated in for 2012
1 October 2009

A fastback, sporting estate version of the XF is in Jaguar’s future product plan, with a production date slated for around 2012.

That will coincide with the facelift of the XF, when changes are expected to include a bolder grille inspired by the new XJ.

Estate versions of the XF’s main rivals, the Audi A6, BMW 5-series and Mercedes E-class, all sell well and in the UK make the difference between the XF being the third best-seller in its class rather than market leader.

For several years after the launch of the load-lugging X-type, the words ‘estate’ and ‘Jaguar’ appeared to be banned from appearing in the same sentence, but now that the X-type has been killed off, the idea of a Jaguar estate is acceptable again inside the company.

But this won’t be some sort of Volvo-style load lugger. Expect elegant styling incorporating a shade more practicality to be the defining features.

The new four-cylinder diesel engine currently under development will be key. Small-capacity four-cylinder diesels account for 50 per cent of sales among rival executive models in the UK, and the proportion is even higher for the more practical estate body shape.

Details of the engine are scarce, but it is thought to be a variant of the 2.2-litre Ford/PSA unit used by Land Rover, but thoroughly re-engineered to reach the refinement levels that owners expect. Peak power is likely to be close to 200bhp in its most powerful version, possibly with twin turbochargers.

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Jaguar XF 2008-2015

The Jaguar XF is a sublime British executive saloon. It has a tremendous interior and even greater dynamics

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1 October 2009

[quote Autocar]facelift of the XF, when changes are expected to include a bolder grille inspired by the new XJ.


So it will finally get the front end from the concept car. Good news!

1 October 2009

Is Jaguar's product planning office working to the Mayan calendar? Everything seems to be happening around 2012? What do they know?

1 October 2009

I know its only and artists impression, but am i the only one that thinks, if you cover the grill and lights, the car looks like an insignia estate!

1 October 2009

Vidge, I see what you mean.

But I like this car .... and if it is to truly succeed, it does need a 200bhp 4 cylinder diesel. Equally, why the hate for the X-Type estate?? This was the only decent X-Type!!

1 October 2009

"But this won’t be some sort of Volvo-style load lugger"

Bordering on car racism. One of the most stuck up articles i've read on here

No way this will be called Jaguat XF Estate?How about Jaguar XF Sleek Sport Tourer Fastback. Anything to avoid using that down market expression the 'estate'

1 October 2009


Not so much for the 4 cylinder engine, but for the Estate. Finally Jaguar will allow me to avoid the default 5-series touring. It is a shame that it will take quite some years before it is with us though.

Lets hope that this time the announcement is true, as this news seems to pop up every half year without turning into reality...

1 October 2009

I get the impression that we will see nothing new from Jaguar between now and 2012.

Guess all attention will be on Land Rover

1 October 2009

How can it take 5 years from the launch of the saloon to graft on an extra chunk of metal and glass? I know the company is under resourced, but they will make so much more money for such a small amount of extra cost in doing this. Instead they mess about with a new smaller sports car concept which will never make them a bean.

As 4wd's become less and less socially acceptable and sales decrease as a result, it is a 'no-brainer' to get this to the market asap.

1 October 2009

The Jaguar range is in urgent need of the estate/tourer, coupe,convertible and 4 cylinder diesels.They never manage to bring many to fruition. They would have a brilliant marketn share.Only wish I had worked for them to guide them away from their cock ups inc the wasted millions onthe crap racing team and obsolete looking x type and the aluminium xj that looked sadcompared to the models it replaced.They seem to have turned the corner but should have been more bold with the lights and grill on the xf I do agree, even though I like the XF I can see the revisions coming in 2 yrs to grill lights etc.

1 October 2009

As noted, this should really have been in the plans from the beginning. My feeling was that most cars of this size were sold in estate form and with the bigger engines so I decided to do a bit of research based on the number of post '07 BMWs and Audis for sale in Switzerland using 'autoscout' a site which lists almost all Swiss cars.

With Audis the number of A6s is in the ratio 1 saloon to 3 estates.

In BMWs range there are more saloons sold with 2 saloons for every 3 estates. Autoscout enables easy searching of BMWs by engine size. For the 4 cylinder cars the ratio is the other way around with 3 saloons for every 2 estates, but the 530 (petrol and diesel) seems to outsell the 520 (petrol and diesel) by 5 cars to 2. The 525s are 50% up on the 520s.

As an aside, there are as many '07 on RS6 and S6 Audis for sale as 520s, and most of those are Avants.


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