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Production is slated in for 2012

A fastback, sporting estate version of the XF is in Jaguar’s future product plan, with a production date slated for around 2012.

That will coincide with the facelift of the XF, when changes are expected to include a bolder grille inspired by the new XJ.

Estate versions of the XF’s main rivals, the Audi A6, BMW 5-series and Mercedes E-class, all sell well and in the UK make the difference between the XF being the third best-seller in its class rather than market leader.

For several years after the launch of the load-lugging X-type, the words ‘estate’ and ‘Jaguar’ appeared to be banned from appearing in the same sentence, but now that the X-type has been killed off, the idea of a Jaguar estate is acceptable again inside the company.

But this won’t be some sort of Volvo-style load lugger. Expect elegant styling incorporating a shade more practicality to be the defining features.

The new four-cylinder diesel engine currently under development will be key. Small-capacity four-cylinder diesels account for 50 per cent of sales among rival executive models in the UK, and the proportion is even higher for the more practical estate body shape.

Details of the engine are scarce, but it is thought to be a variant of the 2.2-litre Ford/PSA unit used by Land Rover, but thoroughly re-engineered to reach the refinement levels that owners expect. Peak power is likely to be close to 200bhp in its most powerful version, possibly with twin turbochargers.

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TStag 3 October 2009

Re: Jaguar XF Estate is back on

Actually agree about the XF's lights. Having had some time to get used to them I now think the XF's lights are better than the C-XF's. I know some will disagree but I just think Jag called this right. You just need to get used to them.

Also new Jag's look better in darker colours. Especially the XJ.

24JTD 2 October 2009

Re: Jaguar XF Estate is back on

I had the great pleasure of having a tour of Castle Bromwich a little while ago, next to the body construction area there was a spare robot with a label on it saying "012MY - do not touch". That would imply that for the 2012 model year there were going to be bodyshell changes that required an extra welding robot. Hmmm...

Having seen the C-XF concept car in the metal, I'm probably one of the minority who thinks the production XF has a more attractive front end. I for one hope they build the XF estate, I admire the Jaguar brand and its history before they lost their way with the XJ40. If they can shake off their 'old man's car' image and return to full profitability then the wheel will have turned full circle.

And to those who knock Ian Callum - spend some time looking at older Jaguars, Mr Callum obviously has; there are many characteristics in common with the 'new' cars, he has done a fine job of reinventing their styling while keeping some of the classic design features. Well done!

Casanova 1 October 2009

Re: Jaguar XF Estate is back on

I saw a prototype on the roads a few months ago. Agree with the above - if it is the same from the B-pillars forward it can't be that time-consuming a programme to deliver. Badly needed for Jag, this car.