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Jaguar’s management team has now firmed up many of the key product planning decisions, after the recession held back some strategies.

A six-model line-up of two sports cars, three saloons and a soft-roader is planned around two alloy platforms: a riveted monocoque for the saloons/soft-roader and an extrusions/castings structure for the sports cars.

It also seems that the long-rumoured XF coupé has dropped off the plan, a victim of the decision to allocate resources to the new small saloon and soft-roader and switch the XF to alloy body construction.

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Instead, an XJ coupé is being rumoured, possibly as the launch vehicle for an advanced hybrid based on some of the tech shown in the C-X75 concept. A revamped version of the 3.0-litre V6 ‘Cleveland’ petrol engine, aimed at Chinese-market XJs, is also on the way.

And in the longer term, there is talk of Jaguar doing an engine supply deal for a new petrol V6 with a partner. This could be Peugeot-Citroën, with whom Jag had a successful V6 diesel collaboration.

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