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A new batch of images have been leaked ahead of the Jaguar F-type's reveal at this week's Paris motor show

More Jaguar F-type images have been leaked ahead of its debut at the Paris motor show this week.

The latest leaked pictures show how the production-specification F-type will appear from the rear and in profile. They also reveal the interior for the first time.

The F-type’s cabin will feature heavily sculpted sports seats, with what appears to be a leather-covered dashboard and alcantara steering wheel. The F-type will carry Jaguar’s standard infotainment system.

It had previously been revealed the F-type would feature an eight-speed automatic gearbox, but these pictures reveal it will be operated by a manual-look gearshift, rather than the rotary dial found in other Jaguar Land Rover models.

The sleek rear end, shown in a production-ready state for the first time, will have more angular lights than the Jaguar XK, and the twin rear exhausts are centrally-mounted.

A ‘R’ badged performance version will be offered after launch, but the car shown here is an ‘S’ variant, which will be the range-topper initially.


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BertoniBertone 27 September 2012

Cut & Shut Jag

Technically this is very disappointing and, frankly, a bit of a p***-take. "Oooooo, look, we've got a V6 left over from our XJ and XF saloons since nobody wants to wear the fuel consumption of a V8 anymore, so why don't we bung it into our new sports car along with the obligatory 8-speed ZF box. Let's give it some flappy paddles and the punters won't notice that's it's actually a cut-and-shut XK chassis with less than 100kg shaved off the net result......"

Thank God that it's got some Ian Callum stylistic magic since this seems to be just a rebodied XK (now some 8 years old or more in design) with the latest entrails they've had hanging around from the XJ/XF updates. Zuffenhausen will be sleeping soundly tonight and I'll bet that a Boxster-S PDK will do everything a V6-S can do with £ 5K change in your pocket.  Any fool knows that a proper sports car needs  Chapmaneque "just-add-lightness". I just only hope that as a paid-up member of UK plc they don't notice in California and Shanghai.......

Andrew Lee 26 September 2012

LOL Bialbero

Agree with (almost) everything you said mate. But don't blame Peugeot for the gaping grille. I know they did it first but I'm sure Jag were more swayed by Maserati. After all they (or rather Pininfarina) began the whole oversized grille + narrow lights thing, with the Quattroporte. Now everyone's at it, from Rolls to Ford. Looking again at the F-Type and XK, I think it was a mistake to abandon a slim oval grille aperture. It is/was unique to Jag sports cars. But I suppose Ian Callum would say they wanted to distance the two models. As a result the pretty rear half of the F-Type seems pulled down by the heavy front half. And yes, the 'gills' are horrid. Finally... I think they should do a deep green but maybe a metallic emerald rather than dark Brit Racing? 

Wanos 26 September 2012

Looks nice but.....

It would have been better if it was priced closer to the Boxster/SLK. Probably sell a shed load more too..