New diesel and petrol engines added to existing line-ups; 2017 refresh also brings new driver assist tech and infotainment
Sam Sheehan
15 February 2017

The Jaguar F-Pace, XF and XE ranges have been updated for 2017 with new engines, driver assist technology and infotainment.

Three new Ingenium powertrains have been added to the mix. The first is a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol (pictured below) that produces 197bhp, and the second is a more potent version that produces 247bhp. The units make use of continuously variable valve lift technology to boost performance and efficiency.

The petrol engines are joined by a new turbocharged 2.0-litre diesel that produces 237bhp and 369lb ft of torque. It offers up to 54.4mpg and emits 137g/km when used in the XE.

Both the XE and XF gain all three units, while the F-Pace gets the diesel and more potent petrol. All existing engines, which include turbocharged 3.0-litre petrols and diesels, are retained for each model, as is the option of all-wheel drive.

Along with the new units, the existing 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine of the XE range topper, the XE S, receives a power boost of 39bhp to bring its maximum output to 375bhp.

The 2017 XE and XF ranges can now get Jaguar’s Configurable Dynamics system, which enables drivers to adjust engine, gearbox and steering responses through Normal or Dynamic modes, seperately to Adaptive Dynamics. Previously, the drive modes were only available when the adjustable suspension technology was added.

All three cars get new dual-view technology that can display different displays to the driver and front passenger in the same 10in infotainment screen. There’s also now forward traffic detection technology and forward vehicle guidance with a surround camera system, which displays surroundings on the screen to aid navigating through tight areas.

The models also get fuel payment technology that works at Shell garages to allow owners to pay for fuel via their infotainment.

Pricing for the latest F-Pace starts at £34,730, which is  £290 cheaper than before. The 2017 XF starts at £32,490, £190 less than before, and the XE starts at £28,295, which is an increase of £1305. All are on sale now.

Jaguar F-Pace video review

Our Verdict

Jaguar F-Pace 2.0d R-Sport

Jaguar takes a typically sporting approach to its F-Pace but it isn't enough to better its sibling - the Land Rover Discovery Sport - as of yet

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15 February 2017
No comment!

15 February 2017
[quote=A34]No comment![/quote] 'All on sale now'


15 February 2017
Has variab!e valve lift I think. Agree with no comments!

15 February 2017
[quote=jer]Has variab!e valve lift I think. Agree with no comments![/quote] They also have many other things in common such as a body, engine, 4 wheels, seats, gearbox etc ....... However, it is still French garbage.

15 February 2017
That's cool didn't know you could pay for petrol from your infotainment system!

15 February 2017
In addition to the new petrol engine I hope the auto gearbox and throttle response is re-calibrated too. I have a XE 25t and the gearbox is so slow and dimwitted when pulling away from standstill, whatever mode it is in. In some instances it's almost downright dangerous if a vehicle is approaching but you've ended up dawdling because the gearbox is slow to react. The only way to overcome the problem is to floor the accelerator and watch the revs go up and accelerate away at high speed! I've experienced the similar ZF gearbox in a BMW and none of these problems exist. Hopefully the new engines are also a lot more economical too, I'm currently seeing around 15-20% more fuel used compared to the equivalent 2.0 turbo engine in my previous 3 Series. And Jaguar, I hope the XE is better built now too compared to mine, where bits of trim are falling off or squeaking among other issue I've had!

15 February 2017
was considering a Jag myself a while back to had a look around some forums, full of issue like you have described. Seems to be like JLR is regressing back to British leyland bulid quality\reliabilty circa 1970's

15 February 2017
was considering a Jag myself a while back to had a look around some forums, full of issue like you have described. Seems to be like JLR is regressing back to British leyland bulid quality\reliabilty circa 1970's

15 February 2017
Better engines and price decreases in some cases, that's a first. Speaking of prices there's currently a £5000 yes £5000 price difference between the 200hp petrol SE Auto at £27,000 and the slower 180hp Diesel SE Auto at £32,000 which is MASSIVE, maybe the biggest gap I've ever seen. I know which one I'd go for (clue it doesn't sound like a tractor when you start it up in the morning)

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

18 February 2017
£6k more than a full spec C43amg .I have a XES and love it, but no way will I buy another with that much of a price difference. Build quality on the Merc is better and I can live with slightly worse handling and save a lot of money. TATA steel have got greedy


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