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Tata boss Carl-Peter Forster gives the green light to a new X-Type, F-Type + XF estate
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16 July 2010

Jaguar has given the green light to a replacement for the X-Type and the long-awaited ‘F-Type’ roadster, according to Tata Motors CEO Carl-Peter Forster.

Both the new X-Type and F-Type, expected to be called XE for production, need to come in “several variations” he added.

See Autocar's renderings of the Jaguar XE and XF estate

Forster, talking to a German trade paper Automobilwoche, also said that an XF estate car was on the way, along with a long wheel base XF for the Chinese market.

Jaguar is currently exposed in a global market where most analysts see consumers moving towards ‘downsizing’.

Competing in the established BMW 3-series market sector is seen as essential for any premium carmaker.

Work is said to be well advanced on the X-Type replacement and “small sports car”, though there’s no news on the platform for either of the cars.

However, it’s thought likely that Jaguar is working on a new-generation medium-size rear-drive aluminium platform that will underpin the new X-Type, the F-Type and the replacement for today’s XF.

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13 July 2010

[quote Autocar] long-awaited ‘F-Type’ roadster[/quote]

I want one - now!

13 July 2010

In keeping with the ego of "signature" architects, the ones who take no notice of heritage buildings around their project but rather build one in their own style that clashes with everything else, we have to fear that, talented a he is, Ian Callum will exercise his executive control and ditch Keith Helfet's magnificent 2001 exquisite F-Type concept to give us a corporate rendition of Jaguar's current clumpy fashion. The F-Type was a car not much bigger than an MX5 but planned to offer a choice of a two-and-half or three litre engine.

Up will pop Internet apologists to say Helfet's sports car had no roof and needed radical alteration ruining its lines - not true! With only an increase in windscreen height all it needed was a hood, the space for it already incorporated, a claim made by Helfet himself. "I created a sports car I would want to own and drive, one ready for production except for the hood."

A massive opportunity lost by Ford, the F-Type concept could have captured a new youthful generation of Jaguar enthusiasts. Instead the company gave us Lexus Land Limousines, graceless luxury wagons indistinguishable from a dozen other brands. Nevertheless, I will keep watch for the first indication of the F-Type's looks hoping its design team doesn't lose their standard of aesthetics and give us headlights cut to the wheel arch, vertical corporate side vents in contrasting colours, no rearward vision, and so on, and so forth.

Jaguar took thousands of deposits for Helfet's F-Type. That ought to have told them they had a world beater so long as it was just as good if not better to drive than an MX5 but with more powerful engines.

I wish Jaguar the very best of creativity!

13 July 2010

Aluminium chassis are expensive and these cars will compete in a competitive market place. Just a theory, but they need to offset the high platform cost somehow so I would bet that production is likely to end up in India.

13 July 2010

[quote Autocar]However, it’s thought likely that Jaguar is working on a new-generation medium-size rear-drive aluminium platform that will underpin the new X-Type, the F-Type and the replacement for today’s XF[/quote]

This new platform - this would underpin Jaguar products only?

It sounds horrendously expensive!

13 July 2010

[quote evanstim]This new platform - this would underpin Jaguar products only?[/quote]

I think there's a good chance that the platform would be used for some LR products too. The next Freelander perhaps?

It is so important to replace the X-Type. I know there are lots of armchair experts out there who seem to think that Jag can survive by sticking to the top of the market rather than covering every single tiny sub-niche (like the German manufacturers) but I just can't see it. Whilst I accept that they don't need to provide an A1 or A3 (yet) or any of the Q cars from Audi's range, they certainly need to provide compact models.

The previous X-Type was a good car based on an excellent platform but compromised by dated looks and this weird compulsion by many people to consider it a Mondeo in a party dress. It would have been much better to use a rwd platform of course, but as FWD platforms go, the one they used was pretty good.

Personally, I think it's an excellent plan to develop a new platform that can be used for a range of compact models, especially an F-Type. I don't agree that the F-Type should look like the 2001 concept, however gorgeous it was at the time. The Jaguar brand suffered by it's inability to look forward for it's styling and a new compact roadster is an excellent opportunity to pull the range together under the new design direction.

Incidentally, I saw a new shape LWB XJ out and about at the weekend, in black, and I thought it was utterly gorgeous. Would love one.

Might buy a few extra lotto tickets...

13 July 2010

It would be great to see a 2 door XF too, as well as a wagon. It can't be too difficult to develop that surely? Maybe a 2 door XF is too close in size/market terms to the XK? Maybe that's why they've not done it so far.

13 July 2010

[quote supermanuel]The previous X-Type was a good car based on an excellent platform but compromised by dated looks and this weird compulsion by many people to consider it a Mondeo in a party dress.[/quote]

Lazy journalists. They loved the Mondeo but hated that a Jaguar was built on top of it!

However, this is a good news story. Jaguar doing another X-Type which will have ditched the historic XJ look (which the original X-Type shouldn't ever have used) and an F-Type which I seriously hope will take on the likes of the TT.

If this is truely the case then Jaguar has a bright future. And why didn't Ford do this?

13 July 2010

Great to hear that Jaguar are planning a real roadster. I hope that the prices stay like the Z4, not much more. A new X-type is very importnant, and with a fresh look, it will be a great success. I hope Jaguar will come with a new X-type as soon as possible, please.Then I can change my old X-type, which I am very satisfied with, I love the car. And to get new Jaguar owners, its importnant to have a "first step" car, so they can join the Jaguar family.

13 July 2010

This is obviously good news, also nice to see a JLR management that listens and is in tune with the market, for too long an attitude of we know best prevailed. On the new models and chassis. Mr Rattan Tata also sits on the FIAT board. PLEASE PLEASE be sensible, Jaguar has a brilliant aluminum chassis underpinning the XJ and XK its expensive to make so needs volume, Maserati has a heavy steel Chassis and is planning a new generation Quattroporte and Grantusisimo Jaguar talk to Maserati. Next Alfa Romeo need a new rear dive chassis and sports car chassis, Pleas Jaguar talk to Alfa as well. And before anybody talks about badge engineering there should be no confusion between a Alfa and a F type or a Maeser and a Jag well its works for Audi/Lamborghini, VW/Bentley Audi/Skoda for Gods sake. Imagine the rich range of products, even LR could be a better base for upcoming Alfa SUV's. Finally and more controversially JLR need a real volume car. Making tonns of Jags may not be the answer, so you have the Rover brand, take a deep breath and relaunch Rover again the FIAT stable has Lancia, who failed to re-launch in UK so replace the Lancia grill on the Delta with a Rover grill and a few new creases and you will have a car for the wider market...Just and suggestion

13 July 2010

[quote Philip Philip] so you have the Rover brand[/quote]

It's owned by Ford and will be moth balled forever. All the other ex BMC/BL names seem to be owned by BMW and are also likey to remain moth balled.


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