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Carbon-roofed Impreza gets a five-speed auto

A carbon-roofed version of the Subaru Impreza STI is at the Tokyo motor show.

However, although the new lid should sharpen the car by reducing weight and lowering the centre of gravity, Subaru has taken the decision to fit the car with a five-speed automatic gearbox.

See the high-res Impreza Carbon picture gallery

The transmission comes straight from the Legacy and a manual version will not be available. The interior, including the seats and dash, are now covered in suede.

Subaru says the decision to launch the car as an auto was to offer "distinctive driving pleasure to a wider range of customers."

A source at Subaru said the Impreza Carbon was "unlikely" to make it to the UK.

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ahaus 23 October 2009

Re: Subaru Impreza Carbon

not even a trick auto-tranny. I would like to see a dual-clutch system, like the S-tonic/DSG system on Audis and VWs.

beachland2 23 October 2009

Re: Subaru Impreza Carbon

Only if the jacket contained lead, but weight from the roof is a good place to take it from, rather than inside the interior of the car.

any part that saves only 1 gram of weight is less of a gimmick than somthing that is only visual or cosmetic.

noluddite 23 October 2009

Re: Subaru Impreza Carbon

beachland2 wrote:

noluddite wrote:
Carbon fibre roof = pointless gimmick

Funny how opinions can differ, to me its one of the best logical applications for all cars. It has a very good dynamic impact, to the cars weight and handling.

A gimmick is to paint cars different colours and then given as option to customers according to their taste and preference, which is entirely uncessary and doesnt make a car better.

A carbon roof does make a car better.

but not much better. The m3 with a carbon roof was barely faster around the track than the normal car. You could make a bigger improvement by taking your jacket off.