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Swedish furniture giant could produce its own car. But is it an April Fool?

Ikea has apparently come up with a concept for its own-brand eco-friendly family car.

Ikea’s French website has released this teaser image of a car covered in an Ikea-badged sheet, along with a video explaining the idea behind the concept.

Watch the Ikea Leko video online

Ikea describes the Leko concept as "the car according to Ikea".

"It's a modular design, which can be both estate and cabriolet," says the presenter of the online video, named as designer Christophe Grosz.

Grosz also goes on to say that the Leko will be "the most enjoyable and responsible way of visiting an Ikea store."

All this amounts to a potentially intriguing concept - the only snag is that the website has a countdown to the car’s launch date, which is on 1 April.

Could it be an elaborate April Fool?

Matt Rigby

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