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Hyperloop, a brainchild of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has demonstrated the workings of its futuristic public transport system

The Hyperloop One System has been shown in action in a new video released by the company.

Different stages of the Hyperloop system were demonstrated, including the passenger pods, boarding process and transport to the destination. The video depicts the technology an advanced stage of development, however, and is set in October 2020.

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A travel planning app is shown to display travel times from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, including the times it would take to walk, take the bus, travel by sea or air to the destination. Hyperloop claims a 12 minute journey time, while the next quickest is listed as the plane, which takes four times as long.

The distance between the two – around 77 miles on the Hyperloop route – and the 12 minute journey time equate to an average speed of 385mph for the Hyperloop system, although the official Hyperloop website claims to be able to take people from Melbourne to Sydney in 41 minutes; an average speed of 650mph would be required to achieve this.

The Hyperloop terminal, or portal, is also demonstrated, as are some examples of different types of travel pods, designed for different types of travel, or for cargo. The pod then joins three others and enters the tube. To demonstrate the speed of Hyperloop, the video shows the pod overtaking a plane in flight.

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The Abu Dhabi to Dubai route was chosen because it is likely that this is where the first Hyperloop system will be built; according to a report from the BBC, Hyperloop is looking into building the first system between the two cities in the UAE. Hyperloop executives have even signed a deal with the head of transport for Dubai, although no completion date has been given.

Hyperloop has previously proposed a Los Angeles to San Fransisco route.

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concinnity 11 November 2016

Trains on Autocar? Why?

Is there any other railway news that Autocar can bring us?
How is that new high speed train link going in the UK?
Are the French services on time? How are they going with the Pininfarina designed trains in Italy?
Perhaps some tram coverage as well?