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Test work begins on Lexus LF-Ch rival

These are the first spy pictures of a hybrid BMW 1-series prototype undergoing testing.

The car's powertrain is only identifiable by the 'Hybrid Test Vehicle' stickers that adorn the rear windows and rear bumper.

See the hybrid BMW 1-series spy pictures

The hybrid arrangement is believed to be a scaled down version of the one already available on the 7-series and X6, which has the motor sandwiched between the engine and transmission, with a compact lithium ion battery in the rear.

The hybrid 1-series is tipped for production when the next generation 1-series is launched in late 2011 or early 2012, and will fight for sales with the production version of the Lexus LF-Ch concept car, which was shown at the Frankfurt motor show earlier this year.

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matt29 21 November 2009

Re: Hybrid BMW 1-series spied

Again I don"t get what you are on about.

1. If you think that stop start, mild hybrids are the short term solution, then you should be applauding BMW who have implemented this technology accross their range.

2. I agree that hybrids make more sense in larger cars. BMW and Lexus are the only makes that currently offer this technology.

3. The Ford Escape is not the most effecient SUV. That title goes to the Lexus RX, again Toyota technology. The Ford Co2 emmissions are 228grams/km while the Lexus emmissions are 144grams/km.

I look forward to the new technology of electirc cars with range extenders and I really hope it works. I hope that if you plan to drive one of these cars that you are saving already as the Vauxhall version is rumoured to cost more than 30K. Good luck with that. I won't be one of the people trading in my BMW for a Vauxhall, or Nissan.

While you talk aout future technology, all of the current technology is on the market by Toyota and BMW. Right or wrong they still lead the way.

CapsLock 20 November 2009

Re: Hybrid BMW 1-series spied

-i make no secret of not liking BMW or Toyota or indeed that the Prius technology is at the wrong time and placed into the wrong vehicle; time is showing that and as it will continue to do so; Prius was a mistake and Toyota will pay dear.

-the reason a waiting list for the Prius has occured is there are lots of people who still believe it is the right car to buy (even though it is not) and Toyota do not make any of them; again a rather foolish mistake by Toyota and I feel for the purchasers of the Prius as I genuinely think they want to help the environment and they genuinely think that is one way to do; I think the commitment is brilliant by those people it is just misguided to buy a Prius.

-as I have stated before, the way forward is electric like the Nissan Leaf with Chevy Volt type range extenders in the medium to long term. in the short term mild hybrids and general efficiency savings like eco-turbo stop start engine stuff and better areo is the way forward short term.

-hybrids should be kept for large cars upwards like how Ford are using it; the SUV Escape thing (which is the most efficient in the world (from memory)) and the large car (I forget which one) they have in the USA.

-the olympic committee messed up, sure BMW paid more money but the fact remains they promised legacy for the future and what did we get, we got short term effectively yesterdays tech.; Lord Coe messed up, simple as; its nothing to do with party politics, he just messed up and he should go; nothing more of less than that.

-as has been said before you do not have to read any post, you do not even have to comment, if you do not like them, do not read them; i really do not believe my nose will suffer any loss of skin; do not forget to give to children in need this fine evening or over the weekend

Overdrive 20 November 2009

Re: Hybrid BMW 1-series spied

Well, to be fair CapsLock is a huge Nissan fan (in the same way that HyundaiSmoke loves, err, Hyundais) and the news of the Olympic snub to Nissan in favour of BMW, must've been hard for him to take. But I'm sure he'll emerge from the dissing of his favourite marque, at the hands of the dastardly Lord Coe and co., better and stronger.