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Limited edition model built to celebrate the marque's 75th anniversary

This is the Jaguar XKR 75, a new, hotter, limited edition model built to celebrate the marque's 75th anniversary.

As the name implies, only 75 cars will be built, and they're suitably tuned - the 5.0-litre supercharged engine now has 523bhp and 483lb ft of torque. That means 0-60mph takes 4.4sec (down from 4.6sec), while it has a limited top speed of 174mph.

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The handling and supsension has been returned to cope with the extra power and give the car an even sportier edge, while special kit such as a sports exhaust, side sill extensions and unique alloys add to the drama.

It also has a revised aero package, including a front splitter, rear wing and rear diffuser to ensure the car remains stable at high speed.

Jaguar says the modifications have not harmed the XKR's comfort.

The car will be officially unveiled at the the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 2 July.

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david RS 24 June 2010

Re: Hot Jaguar XKR 75 revealed

A really nice car.

Citytiger 24 June 2010

Re: Hot Jaguar XKR 75 revealed

Vanquish wrote:

As for special editions, how about the Lamborghini LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni Gallardo, Ferrari have built Limited Editions so too have Porsche, The XKR 75 has more than a few stripes to justify its place.

Exactly as Vanquish says, lots of Marques have special editions, including AM, its just a pity they could not have released a real special car like the AM One-77, perhaps an updated XK120 or 150 body shell with XKR mechanicals, now that would be special.

FriendlyFisherman 24 June 2010

Re: Hot Jaguar XKR 75 revealed

Peter Cavellini wrote:

Exactly!, you'd have thought this selling gimmick would have died out a decade ago, but no, Jaguar still cling on to this snobby idea that our heads will be turned by special editions, limited productions, it just isn't these days.

It will and does work, Jag will sell all 75 and 75 people will be happy to have one, whats the problem?