Limited edition model built to celebrate the marque's 75th anniversary
25 June 2010

This is the Jaguar XKR 75, a new, hotter, limited edition model built to celebrate the marque's 75th anniversary.

As the name implies, only 75 cars will be built, and they're suitably tuned - the 5.0-litre supercharged engine now has 523bhp and 483lb ft of torque. That means 0-60mph takes 4.4sec (down from 4.6sec), while it has a limited top speed of 174mph.

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The handling and supsension has been returned to cope with the extra power and give the car an even sportier edge, while special kit such as a sports exhaust, side sill extensions and unique alloys add to the drama.

It also has a revised aero package, including a front splitter, rear wing and rear diffuser to ensure the car remains stable at high speed.

Jaguar says the modifications have not harmed the XKR's comfort.

The car will be officially unveiled at the the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 2 July.

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Jaguar XK

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24 June 2010

Down to special editions now.............

24 June 2010

Those aren't stickers are they...?

24 June 2010

This is a curious sports car. To my mind it's very desirable, yet not as desirable as its erstwhile cousin, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Desirable because by all accounts the car is far more reliable, without niggling electric gremlins, (cue blogger to protest the inaccuracy of that statement) and cheaper to buy and to own. Not desirable because it's shape seems needlessly complicated in comparison to the AM, those lights cut to the wheel arch an irritation, it's overall look less muscular, though Ian Callum claims otherwise. Both cars share severely restricted visual areas to the rear; admirers will tell me how much is shared under the bonnet. The Jaguar is designed to take two middle-aged executive's golf bags in its boot - making it a practical space for a GT, whereas the AM seems not to care but probably can cater likewise. For better mpg and travelling vast distances across Europe the Jaguar is terrific. Both cars are considered fine to drive. Good sense says buy the Jaguar, emotion says keep an AM in your garage. It will receive the greater admiration. In other words, it's all down to hubris. Is this view shared with Autocar bloggers?

24 June 2010

[quote Los Angeles](cue blogger to protest the inaccuracy of that statement[/quote]

Just to make sure you aren't disappointed I (genuinely) have somebody in the family with an XK and his has broken down 4 or 5 times with electrical issues - always fixed at the roadside and under warranty but still not very good considering the price of the car. He still loves it though.

24 June 2010

this is a really really nice car. haven't even or so much as sat in one so i can't comment on how it drives but the journalists seem to reserve a lot of praise for it. if i could afford it i certainly would but i'd still have the regular XKR. i think i'll pass with the special editions.

24 June 2010

Looks like a Maserati Coupe from that angle

24 June 2010

This strikes me as one of the most underated cars in the world. It's fast, agile and good looking. It should by all accounts hurt Porsche. But for some reason it's not quite there. Maybe they need to facelift some agression into it and take it motor racing. It deserves to be more loved.

24 June 2010

Exactly!, you'd have thought this selling gimmick would have died out a decade ago, but no, Jaguar still cling on to this snobby idea that our heads will be turned by special editions, limited productions, it just isn't these days.

Peter Cavellini.

24 June 2010

I actually own an XKR and can verify this if anybody needs me to. I had the earlier 4.2 Supercharged car and now have the newer 5.0 model, both cars were and continue to be 100% reliable. In many ways I preferred the 4.2 litre 420 BHP model as it seemed to ride better and was purer in some respects but the power, ride and handling of these cars is exceptional. I do get tired of people saying 'oh I thought it was an Aston' but both the 4.2 and 5.0 supercharged cars are faster (if not as pleasingly vocal) than a V8 Vantage. Understanding the brand image Aston Martin holds I still dont know why any rational thinking person could choose an Aston V8 over the XKR and pay nearly £30k extra for the pleasure. And lets be honest Aston V8 residuals aren't great these days. I think those that are quick to dismiss the XKR are those that have in most cases never seen or sat in one let alone driven one in anger.

As for special editions, how about the Lamborghini LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni Gallardo, Ferrari have built Limited Editions so too have Porsche, The XKR 75 has more than a few stripes to justify its place.

I've had 6 Porsche 911's and a DB9 (Still have this in the family, my brother owns it now) and a bunch of other so called fast cars, I'm 45 so not an old bloke yet (Kids tell me otherwise) but I can tell you the XKR is vastly under-rated, I wouldn't swop mine for anything right now - except maybe a 75 edition!

Sorry if there are spelling errors, this was rushed..

24 June 2010

[quote Peter Cavellini]

Exactly!, you'd have thought this selling gimmick would have died out a decade ago, but no, Jaguar still cling on to this snobby idea that our heads will be turned by special editions, limited productions, it just isn't these days.


It will and does work, Jag will sell all 75 and 75 people will be happy to have one, whats the problem?


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