Range-topping Renaultsport cars will get the Gordini badge
10 November 2009

Renault has officially announced the return of the iconic Gordini badge.

The revived brand will help Renault take on the likes of the Mini Cooper and Abarth 500, offering an extensive personalisation of its hot hatches.

It won’t signal even sharper versions of the Twingo, Clio and Megane, however, with the Gordini range being mechanically identical.

Hilton Holloway: The return of Gordini

Gordini electric plans

What customers will get are new wheels, colours and interior options for a premium over the Renaultsport cars.

Renault is keen to give its cars more of a premium edge and this is where the Gordinis will come in.

First up will be the Twingo Gordini RS, based on the Renaultsport Twingo 133, due to be unveiled on 25 November on the Champs Elysees.

The move is part of a masterplan by Renault to shake up the respected Renaultsport brand. Renaultsport GTs will now sit below the more potent Renaultsport RS models, with the Gordini brand even higher.

The first Renaultsport GT will be the Megane three-door, which is expected to use the existing 180bhp 2.0-litre turbo engine, but with beefed-up styling from the RS 250. Renaultsport GT versions of the Twingo and Clio will follow.

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10 November 2009

so that`s mean that we will be able to get 1.5DCi in the Gordini guise??

cool... and know that they killed Alpine to give light to Renault Sport...

next trip to the Champs-Elysées it will be for shopping Gordini stickers and keyrings...

the French way... the GTI as we knew is dead now

10 November 2009

Weird article, there are already GT versions of the Twingo and Clio, so why would these be introduced again. The Megane was already available as a GT, so now we are waiting for a new version, hopefully not only as a three door. The laguna also already has a GT version, what a shake up to the lineup. Oh well, Gordini just make up, great way to return a badge, it´s now more dead than before!

10 November 2009

By the sounds of it they want to use the Gordini range in exactly the same way as Citroen are with the DS range.

Not a problem, just hope it doesn't over stretch and dilute the Renaultsport product from the cracking models they have now.



It's all about the twisties........

10 November 2009

The new GTs will now be branded as Renaultsports, instead of just GT. Renaultsport has done work on some GTs and this is in recognition, says Renault.

10 November 2009

[quote Ollie Stallwood]The new GTs will now be branded as Renaultsports, instead of just GT. Renaultsport has done work on some GTs and this is in recognition, says Renault.[/quote] If they start beefing up the GTs to look like their RS siblings, that would be fantastic. I´d love to have a Twingo GT with the looks of the RS and maybe even with the RS suspension cause I think the small turbo is a much better engine than the 1.6.

10 November 2009

Yes, Renault Sport works on the GT.

Long live the R8 Gordini!

10 November 2009

I hope it is not just a marketing gimic.

The previois Gordini range had bespoke engine modifications, specific chassis modifications and a whole range of motorsport options and kits that were developed to keep that the front in French competitions.

10 November 2009

A turd is a turd no matter what name you give it.

10 November 2009

[quote Autocar]Renault has officially announced the return of the iconic Gordini badge.[/quote]

But does anybody remember what it stands for in the 21st century ? They were never as successful as Cooper at building racing cars.

11 November 2009

[quote jerry99]I hope it is not just a marketing gimic.[/quote]

Jerry99: please re read the article, it is scraeming out so loudly that it's just a marketing gimic, desperately trying to cash in on a once great name.

As you have pointed out yourself, this is not Gordini cars were about, just the looks.They were primarily about the performance.

Amédée Gordini must be spinning in his grave at this news!, it's a disgrace!.

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