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Five-door coupe uses Ampera’s plug-in hybrid powertrain
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15 February 2010

This is the Vauxhall Opel Flextreme GT/E, a sleek and futuristic five-door coupe that will be displayed at this year’s Geneva motor show.

The car is intended to utilise the Ampera’s plug-in hybrid powertrain, and is described by design director Mark adams as “a new kind of GT car”.

See the Vauxhall Opel Flextreme GT/E pictures

The car’s creators have set out both to suggest a possible direction for a future Opel Vauxhall flagship and to progress the bold design language that has grown up with the recently launched Insignia and Astra models.

It also demonstrates the potential of sophisticated aerodynamics in future. The Flextreme GT/E’s long, elegant roofline is 19cm lower than an Insignia’s, which helps its drag factor come out at just 0.22. Drag is significantly reduced by movable aerodynamic “blades” on either side of the car near the tail lights, which deploy automatically at speed to keep airflow attached as long as possible, while allowing the designers more visual flexibility than a conventional cut-off tail.

The Flextreme GT/E, an exterior study only, offers a similar interior space to an Insignia, though it shaves 7cm from the production car’s overall length, and is much lower. The extended wheelbase (2900mm-v-2735mm) helps here, and helps accommodate the battery pack ahead of the car’s rear wheels. There are some nice design features, such as an electric cocket behind the car’s pull-out badge and a fingerprint recognition system for starting.

Drive comes from the Ampera’s 158bhp electric motor, which also develops more than 270lb ft of torque from standstill, and goes to the 21-inch front wheels that wear relatively modest 195/45 tyres in pursuit of efficiency.

When charging is needed, the 1.4 litre, 70bhp charging motor kicks in. Opel Vauxhall engineers estimate a battery-only range of 35 miles, and a total range around 300 miles, at an average CO2 output of around 40g/km. Top speed is estimates at 125 mph, with a 0-62 mph sprint time of around nine seconds.

Mark Adams won’t confirm Flextreme GT/E as anything close to a new production model, but insists it has an important purpose. “It’s a vision of the future,” he says, “not a mere flight of fancy.”

Steve Cropley

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18 February 2010

if this is vauxhalls future well i like! plus its so good to see the words gte again in the same sentence as vauxhall :)

18 February 2010

Gorgeous - this is how a future large Vauxhall should look... I can see some Merc influence in the grille 'blade' and Bentley via Merc in the rear haunches. The 2015 Cresta? Monza?

18 February 2010

A very good looking car, it looks like a Vauxhall are back to making good looking cars. I agree with the GT/E mention above.

So interesting features like the rear blades etc.

18 February 2010

Other than the fact that this rips off practically every Citroen design cue seen recently, this looks good.

18 February 2010

I love it! If they could get it to production without it being too "watered down" I think it would do really well as an Omega replacement. That grille is almost identical to the Merc SLS though lol.

18 February 2010

As others have said great to see the GT/E moniker return. But surely the car is a re-run of the Signum? Ok, its certainly prettier than that-underated- car, but the concept is the same.

18 February 2010

This is basically the Citroen C-Metisse... by Opel, only not as good looking and a couple of years later

18 February 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE]its so good to see the words gte again in the same sentence as vauxhall [/quote]

This is true , but I get worried when I see the words " Vauxhall" and "flagship" in the same sentence.

18 February 2010

You can already see where the body guys will start to put the C pillar and lose the glass from the concept...

Nice look though from Opel, lets hope it makes production and starts to push some boundaries!

18 February 2010

Nice looking concept, profile reminds a little like Lamborghini Espada.

However Vauxhall is such a old Victorian name and just doesn,t sound modern

Time to change to Opel I think


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