Seat boss Jurgen Stackmann says the Spanish firm will use more extrovert design traits on its next generation of vehicles

Seat boss Jurgen Stackmann believes the firm is on the cusp of being in a position to employ more extrovert designs on its vehicles — but he has warned his designers that they must never stray into creating ‘fashion’ vehicles.

Seat will launch a Nissan Qashqai-sized SUV next year, followed by a Nissan Juke-sized SUV the year after and a seven-seat SUV by 2019. Stackmann believes that the small SUV in particular will give the firm licence to offer stronger style.

“Our first job has been to establish the core factors of the brand: reliability, safety, good value. Without these things, a design-led approach would be just fluff,” he said. “But we are almost there, and the success of Leon shows buyers understand that.

“With that quality established, the time is almost there to push design. Our design should be more overt than Volkswagen’s. Our designers have done a fantastic job to date - so much so that they now do work across the VW Group - and there’s scope to do more.

“My only caution is that we must never stray into fashion, where design compromises functionality or creates a look that is only desirable for a short period of time.”

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17 July 2015
Hardly fits with the 'Sporting' brand they assure us they are but I wish them all the best. I had a Seat previous to my current car and it was great. A used Leon ST is high in my list for my next car. Wish they'd launched the Tango concept from a few years ago, that could have given them a boost of 'Sportiness'.

17 July 2015
If the photo is an example of their new design trend - they shouldn't bother. Just another generic SUV as per Kia, Hyundai, etc., etc.

17 July 2015
Hardly likely as long as decisions regarding styling are in the hands of the "men from the north". They veer from the dull to the vulgar. Witness just about all VWs on the dull side and various under the MINI label on the vulgar.

17 July 2015
Why the picture of a Hyundia? Or is it a Nissan or a Kia? I suppose extrovert does mean different from everything else.


17 July 2015
Agree with others here - the illustration shows yet another generic SUV.

Having said that, it's tidier than some, with neat door handles and headlights that are not oversized poached-egg blobs.

17 July 2015
Flatus senex above contrasts Seat (dull) with Mini (vulgar). While Mini suffers from excess brand identity - customers expect a Mini to look like a Mini, so Mini makes much bigger cars which try to look like the 3-dr hatchback and this strategy doesn't work aesthetically - Seat has to build up its own brand image. Being part of the VW group, there are certain in-house stylistic themes - eg. taut surfacing, precise shutlines, and recently, faceted planes - that Seat has to follow. Here the theme of triangular faceted planes works beautifully eg. the triangular headlamp is complemented by the triangular metal plane immediately below, and by the triangular tapering over the rear wheelarch below which there is the triangular rearlamp etc. There is a certain coherence that runs through this design and put it well above the average Hyundai IMHO

18 July 2015
Less talking from VAG on SEAT and more product.
While money is thrown at endless Skodas, VWs and Audis (and not to mention factories throughout the World for those 3 marques), SEAT has only had the successful new Leon in recent years and a slightly improved Ibiza. And then they'll complain SEAT's sales don't match Skoda's. Erm, how on earth can they?

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