Watch - and hear - the mighty Ford Focus RS 500 in action
17 April 2010

This is the first video footage of the limited edition Ford Focus RS in action.

Realeased in an official Ford film ,a long with new pictures of the car, it is the first time the RS500 has been seen and heard in action.

See the Ford Focus RS pictures

Alternatively, watch the video by clicking here

The RS500 effectively sold out within 12 hours of being revealed, even though prices haven't been announced yet.

It is a limited-edition 500 car run of a 345bhp version of the hot hatch.

Made to mark the end of the current generation Focus RS's production, it gets more power and torque than a standard RS and bespoke interior trim.

The five-cylinder engine has been given improved induction kit and a revised exhaust system, which help to add an extra 45bhp to the standard car’s 300bhp. Torque goes up from 325lb ft to 339lb ft.

These modifications reduce the car’s 0-62mph time from 5.9 to 5.6sec. Ford isn’t quoting in-gear acceleration, but expect the most noticeable changes to come during from 30-50mph in third. Top speed stays the same at 163mph.

The car’s exterior is finished in a matt black paint unique to the RS500. Standard gloss black paint is applied in the factory, and then he cars are shipped to coatings specialist 3M’s site near Frankfurt, where a matt film is laid over the top. The gloss paint is retained on the lower grille and splitter, the rear spoiler and the rear diffuser. Brake calipers are finished in red.

Inside the cars have red detailing instead of the RS’s blue, and a plaque on the centre console with the car’s edition number.

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17 April 2010

Not one but two exclamation marks in the headlines on the homepage.

I didn't realise that AutoExpress were contributing to the website now.

17 April 2010

I thought I'd logged on the EVO's website.

Why is a sold out chavved up (Albeit so called manufactured car) sold out car making the headline?

This is an article that should be in Fast Ford, not the so called motorists magazine.

17 April 2010

Cars are built for all tastes and if Ford have sold all of these, fair play and good luck to them.

17 April 2010

I usually prefer subtle cars that surprise people without grabbing too much attention. I can't explain why, maybe it's the unique paintwork (!), maybe I'm having an off day but I love this car. However, at the expected price of £30k+ I'd never buy one.

In dreamland I'd have this car in the garage and bring it out for those odd days that you feel like driving like a hooligan, this is the car to drive.

The comments section needs a makeover... how about a forum??

17 April 2010

It does nothing for me. But then I don't own a baseball cap either.

17 April 2010

So, it's not as fast 0-60 as my STi 330S then...


17 April 2010

Wouldn't say no if it was given to me but if it was my own money and I was after an RS Focus I would buy a standard RS Focus in white and do the mods with warranty for alot less than this one costs ! At least its interesting unlike the humdrum German tat that alot of people seem to want at this price !

17 April 2010

this car is hideous and who in there right mind would spend £35k on a ford focus they require admitting to a mental health institute. if i was in the market for a rs focus as above i would buy a standard one and mod it.

But i suspose if you shop at jd sports, tuck your tracky bottoms into your socks and walk down the street with your hands down ya pants this car might suit you!!!!


18 April 2010

People who by such cars know that the FRS500 will hold its value - its an investment decision, nothing to do with caps, JD Sport, etc

18 April 2010

It's vastly amusing that the people who denigrate this car (ostensibly for taste reasons, but their class issues scream silently in the background) would buy a fast VW/BMW/Audi without a second thought. Or even a first thought.

The badge is everything; the badge is nothing.


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