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Ford S-Max, Galaxy and Mondeo prices to fall
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26 March 2010

Ford is cutting the list prices of its big car range by several thousand pounds, in a bid to have "more realistic" pricing for the new S-Max, Galaxy and Mondeo.

Prices for all three were pushed up last year because of currency fluctuations.

Company sources claim that this was affecting price sensitive company car buyers and retail customers keen to get a good deal.

Prices for the Mondeo will now start at £17,295, down from £19,760 and this, according to insiders, is far closer to the typical transaction price buyers can pay after haggling in a dealership.

The new S-Max Zetec will cost from £20,645, down from £22,677, and the new Galaxy Zetec will cost from £22,945, down from £26,355.

However, it also means that Ford is now in the rather uncomfortable position of the cheapest Mondeo's list price being less than the cheapest Focus's list price.

This situation is currently addressed by a series of special offers Ford is running on its smaller models, but only when they are bought with Ford Credit.

The offer ensures the key Zetec trim pricing keeps the natural heirarchy of Ka, Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy. Similar offers are expected to be extended until at least mid-year.

At the same time as reducing prices Ford’s top brass will also be reducing discounts in an attempt to protect residual values for existing owners.

"Ford’s traditional high recommended list price, high discount approach was causing confusion," Ford of Britain boss Nigel Sharp said.

"That formula served us well in the past, but today consumers shop around and we have to make it clear that dealers are the best place to start for the keenest deals."

A spokesman said dealers were happy with the changes: "All this is doing is closing the gap between the higher list price and the actual transaction price, which hels fleet customers. The dealers are backing the move on teh strength of the products we have, and the desireability of the products and the way this helps residual values."

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26 March 2010

Still leaves the Fiesta and Focus way overpriced. And despite discounts, surely this means that an unnecessary amount of cash is going to the govenment by way of VAT payments and BIK company car tax?

26 March 2010

£17870 cheapest Focus list price

£14850 cheapest Golf list price

£15426 cheapest Civic list price.

Ford, what planet are you on?

Cheapest Focus £5870 more that cheapest i30

You deserve to loose market share!

26 March 2010

Wonder if Lord Mandelson's Business dept lent on Ford UK to 're-think' their falling-pound causing increasing prices narrative?. After all, I'm sure a K or P* could be rustled up for the head of Ford UK for services rendered - where the consumer prices index falls dramatically on the back of 10% cuts in list prices of UK's leading car seller.

*knighthood or peerage.

26 March 2010

I am not suprised as the prices were just plain silly but why do it in the first palce and then blame the Euro? Ford seemed to just be trying to claw back losses in the downturn but has obviously hit sales further than the recession. At least a Mondeo does now not cost the same as an Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series!!! Damage to Ford UK may have already been done and allowed Hyundai and Kia to steal; cutomers as well as sales!!

26 March 2010

[quote Pilau]£17870 cheapest Focus list price[/quote]

WOW! I had no idea it was that high.

Anyone else noticed that these 'price cuts' are being announced just as the Scrappage Scheme funding runs out?

I wonder if Ford will mention in their advertising for the 'sale' that they raised prices FOUR times last year.


26 March 2010

Hard to work out what is the true price for a new car right now, strangely E-Class and Golf look reasonable. In general prices look high to me compared to nearly new market. I'd pay someone like Broadspeed to get me the best deal.


26 March 2010

[quote Pilau]Cheapest Focus £5870 more that cheapest i30[/quote]

.. and no 5-year, 100k mile warranty with the Focus either.

So, why aren't they doing the same with the Ka, Fiesta and Focus? Surely the same principles apply; lower list price, smaller discounts, everybody knows where they stand. Or perhaps more private customers buy the smaller cars and are less inclined to negotiate hard?

Also, does having a lower list price mean that the Mondeo doesn't look like quite such a depreciation disaster?

26 March 2010

A good deal! about time,Ford has had it's way for far too long.

26 March 2010

[quote Pilau]

Cheapest Focus £5870 more that cheapest i30


And worth every single penny even if you dont get a massive discount. Hyundai`s are depressing, souless devises and a Five year guarantee is about the limits of its pulse rasing abilities.

Having said that Ford pricing is a real mess at present.

26 March 2010

Better and an improvement on the existing inflated prices, but there is still room to get it even cheaper after haggling and negociation. All they have done is reduced the amount you can haggle, but there is still money left to be had off.


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