Fully-loaded hot hatch gets special paint job. Only 500 will be made.
8 November 2007

Ford has unleashed a high-end version of its popular Focus ST hot hatchback. Called the ST500, it’s intended to send the current version of the hot hatch off with a bang, before a facelifted model arrives in January.This range-crowning version’s been dubbed the ST500, but sadly that doesn’t mean that the Blue Oval’s fitted its 500bhp supercharged V8 motor. The name actually refers to the 500 examples that will be built, each coming loaded with equipment including scarlet leather Recaro seats, Xenon headlights, sat nav, rain-sensing wipers and limited edition decals. Like the standard Focus ST, the ST500 uses the 2.5-litre turbocharged Duratec five-cylinder engine we know and love, and there’s been no increase in power – the ST500 has the same 222bhp as the standard car.The other major change is the custom paintwork, which develops the ST’s reputation for stand-out looks. It’s metallic black with silver racing stripes and a silver bonnet, echoing the classic GT 500 racing livery from Le Mans 1969. The ST500 will cost £20,495 and is available to order now.

Will Powell

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Ford Focus 2011-2014

Can the Ford Focus capture the hearts and minds of hatchback buyers, or have its traditional rivals managed to perfect the formula?

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8 November 2007

This is just a manufacturer using up bits of stock at the factory that need to be cleared out as sales were less than expected. Any reputable chip company could have rustled them up a few extra horse for a couple of hundred quid.

its a marketing gimmick nothing more. Looks nice though and will make a good buy second hand...

8 November 2007

Indeed it is a marketing gimmick, but I assure you sales of the ST are very far from being "less than expected". Given the numbers that have been sold, and are continuing to sell, it has been a huge success and I would expect it has far exceeded Ford's expectations.

The reason they haven't given it more power is probably because any more and it would probably have higher CO2 emissions putting it in the next band for tax - as it is, its 1g within its current band.

8 November 2007

Looks the business and we all know it drives very well, well screwed together, so it deserves to sell well, as I'm sure it will. As Porco has said it will make a good used purchase if looked after.

9 November 2007

You cant say the ST has been a bad seller. There is still a waiting list now for them, and how long has it been out? Its true they should of given it something more special than a few cosmetic touches though. Like how about a 4WD rally spec'd one? Sorry to rattle on but with the Racing Puma they gave it another 30bhp, bigger brakes, lower suspension and bigger wheels as well as the cosmetic touches like the blue interior and flared arches.

9 November 2007

I agree. Missed oportunity to make something special. Lightness, better handling, 4WD, more hp, different gearing, etc... these are real changes for proper special versions. This is no such. Engineering exercise? No, marketing one.

10 November 2007

[quote daveevans]Indeed it is a marketing gimmick, but I assure you sales of the ST are very far from being "less than expected". [/quote]

i knew someone would misread this. I meant the options not the car. i am perfectly well aware that the st is a big seller. i was refering to less popular options!

10 November 2007

[quote Kee Law 4]

Technically this thread shouldn't sit in "What's new"....... they've been using this marketing trick for years!


On the face of it, you have a point. However, it's not whats completely new (as in new model), rather what is new to a range also.

14 November 2007

Jon does like his detail!!

18 November 2007

20,495 for a 2-door Ford??? And with lightning-like depreciation??? this must be some kinda joke.

The metal that can be had for just 2 or 3 grand more (or even same money) make this...I just KNOW I'm gonna get shot for this, but do I care?!...a complete and utter nonsense.

Example 1: for 2,5-3K more, a BMW 318iSE saloon/Touring. It'll do all the ST does, only far better, last longer, solid depreciation.

Example 2: 2006/07 Subaru Impreza. No further comment necessary.

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