Currently reading: Fiat Abarth 500X to offer 170bhp
Performance version of Fiat’s crossover is under consideration, with four-wheel drive and 170bhp

Fiat is likely to bring an Abarth-tuned version of the Fiat 500X crossover to market in 2017 as the Italian company looks to expand its line-up.

While plans for a more powerful, Abarth-branded version of the 124 Spider, Fiat’s most recent new 
model, are well known, the tuning house is also considering a breathed-on version of the 500X, with 
the resulting model acting 
as a rival to the likes of the 
Mini Countryman JCW and Nissan Juke Nismo RS.

Nothing is official at this stage, but Abarth boss Paolo Gagliardo has spoken candidly about his desire to expand the Abarth range beyond its current Fiat 500-based models. “We want to keep growing and stabilise at a certain level,” he told Automotive News Europe, while admitting that the UK and Italy are currently two of Abarth’s biggest markets.

Gagliardo also confirmed that the Fiat brand wants to make a return to rallying, and while it was initially suggested that the Abarth 124 Spider would be the favoured choice to enter the World Rally Championship, a performance-inspired 500X would be another option.

The 500X is available with the same 1.4 Multiair II petrol engine that’s offered in the 
124 Spider, in both cases producing 138bhp.

The Multiair II motor is known to be highly adaptable, and Abarth engineers have hinted that up to 170bhp will be extracted for their version of the 124 Spider. A similar amount is expected for the Abarth 500X, with drive sent to all four wheels through either a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed dual-clutch automatic.

By comparison, both the Mini Countryman JCW and 
the Nissan Juke Nismo RS produce 215bhp from their respective turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engines.As with other Abarth models, the 500X is likely to receive significant interior and exterior styling upgrades, new badging and graphics and distinctive wheel designs.

The model is expected to be sold worldwide, but with a particular focus on the US, where one in five Fiat 500s are currently sold as Abarths.

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Ofir 21 December 2015

They better concentrate on

They better concentrate on getting the Giulia right.
typos1 21 December 2015

Yeah, theyve already started

Yeah, theyve already started to mess it up - its got an Audi rear end, E90 sides and A6 headlights, only the grille is Alfa, oh dear.
jer 21 December 2015

170 bhp abarth

They've just gone crazy and are asking for trouble governments will legislate to restrict power to 150 bhp.
Jeremy 21 December 2015

@ androo

Couldn't agree more about the MINI advert - it's really putting me off coming here, and every buying a MINI!
reckless fox 21 December 2015

@Jeremy @androo

I'll agree with both of you. Along with the ever extending articles and 2 year 25 page comments pages, Autocar seem to be actively trying to drive away their online readers.
Adrian987 21 December 2015

Mini drives people....

Yup, I dislike that Mini advert too. My remedy is (and to complete the sentence)..... to shut down the browser. The advert is the equivalent of a door being shut in your face. Sorry, Mini advertising agent, Zero Points for this one.
Adrian987 21 December 2015

And about the Abarth 500X...

I like the look of this, the Abarth treatment works better here than on the ordinary 500, where to my eyes it is totally at odds with the cuteness and friendliness of that design.