The first photo of the new seven-seat Fiat 500XL has surfaced on the internet
26 April 2013

This is the first picture of the seven-seat Fiat 500XL, reportly taken inside Fiat’s factory. The photo, which leaked onto an internet forum shows a stretched version of the Fiat 500L with longer rear quarterlights.

Internet reports suggest the 500XL is 200m longer than the 500L, and offers seating for seven.

The 500XL had previously been described to Autocar by insiders as a “further development of the 500L”. It will be sold alongside the 500L and positioned in a similar way to the Ford C-Max/Grand C-Max and Renault Scenic/Grand Scenic.

No official information has been revealed, but the new Fiat 500 variant is expected to mirror the 500L’s engine line-up, which includes the 105bhp 0.9-litre TwinAir and 95bhp 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and a 1.3-litre MultiJet diesel.

The Fiat 500XL will be the third bodystyle in the Fiat 500 range. A 500 Trekking will launch next year and will mirror the Panda 4x4’s jacked-up, rugged look. The 500XL crossover will launch in early 2014 and rival the Mini Countryman.


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26 April 2013

Wrong! Wrong!! WRONG!!! ... It's just like putting a baby face on the world's heaviest man ...

26 April 2013

This would be 434cm then; the shortest 7-seater in the market. Although roughly as long as the 1st gen Zafira (compact MPV) and even the 1st gen Espace (at that time billed as a fullsize MPV). Now that "compact" 7-seaters have grown and range from 440 (Touran, soon to be replaced) to about 470 (Grand Picasso, Zafira Tourer) and full-size 7-seaters (S-Max, Galaxy, Alhambra) are 485 plus, this should be able to carve out a niche among people who only need 1 car in the family and need it to be compact enough to park in the city but spacious enough to carry 5 with significant luggage and occasionally 7 (2 of them being kids).

I'd still go for the Touran though.

26 April 2013

The engine range seems to be insufficient - too low on power for a car of this size and weight, especially when used with 5 + full luggage or the occassional 7 people, even if some of them are children...


26 April 2013

It looks exactly what it is - a bloated mid-sized body overwhelming a small car platform.

The 500's chassis is only just about acceptable as it is - I can't believe this will provide a comfortable ride for all seven occupants. Fiat's new strategy is expedient but does it have the customer at its heart?

26 April 2013

I just don't see how people would walk into a Fiat Showroom as say 'yes, I would love one of those please!' The Fiat 500L was bad enough! And this irrelevant thing comes out. 

Fiat500XL? I think not. More like Fiat500H ( Fiat 500 Hearse)

26 April 2013

Suzuki QT wrote:

...It's just like putting a baby face on the world's heaviest man ...

That's a funny image. lol

harmona19 wrote:

I just don't see how people would walk into a Fiat Showroom as say 'yes... 

... it appears that the Fiat 500L that was greeted with similar degree of ridicule on this forum is selling surprisingly well in its segment.

26 April 2013

200m longer!!!! Bloody Hell! There's more room than for just seven seats!

26 April 2013

Probably stretched the premise of building a range of cars on one just one model (the 500) too far. I'd look elesewhere, as will probably most other 7-seat MPV buyers.

26 April 2013

The lack of styling coordination here again suggests to me that the thought of grafting on the cutsey lights and calling it (what it effectively a replacement for the Idea/Multipla)  the 500L might of been a mid-development afterthought driven by marketing.  To carry this off it needs a more robust and strong design at the front end.  Giant Panda would have been more fitting.

26 April 2013

...Fiat have caught the same bug that's affecting the guys at Mini.

Take a perfectly good concept and.... ruin it by stretching and lopping it in as many ways as you can.

When Fiat have to use the 500 banner to try and sell the odd MPV it's hard to be convinced it's a good thing. I can never 'unsee' that now; shame.


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