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The Evoluzione package will take the track special's power to a mind-wobbling 740bhp from the V12

That exclusive club of Ferrari 599XX owners — just 29 of the £1.2m track specials were made — can now upgrade their cars with more power, sharper handling and better aerodynamics.

Ferrari expects all owners to opt for the Evoluzione package, just as owners of the Enzo did when a similar package was made available for that extreme supercar.

Power from the 6.0-litre V12 is raised 30bhp to 740bhp and torque to 516lbft thanks to new, freer-flowing side-exhausts.

New to the 599XX are ‘opening gap’ aerodynamics on the rear wing. This features a pair of flaps that open and close to adjust the front-aft downforce, which in turn balances the handling during high-speed cornering. Linked to the engine management system, the flaps open and close according to steering wheel angle, speed and front/side acceleration.

When combined with a modified front splitter and a new rear diffuser with more surface area and redesigned fences and foot-plates, the new aero package is said to boost downforce considerably.

Ferraris claims an extra 440kg of downforce at 124mph with the flaps shut and 330kg with them open.When combined with a final gear ratio that’s slightly shorter to improve acceleration on what Ferrari describes as ‘technical, medium- to high-speed tracks’, the 599XX is said to lap Ferrari’s factory test track at Fiorano in just 1m 15s.

The price is expected to be 185,000 euros (approximately £158,000) before tax.

Julian Rendell

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