A hybrid powertrain for the Bugatti Chiron hasn't been ruled out according to company chief Wolfgang Dürheimer
Matt Burt
26 August 2016

The performance of the Bugatti Chiron hypercar could be boosted with a hybrid system, according to company chief Wolfgang Dürheimer.

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During the development of the 1479bhp Chiron, hybridisation was considered as a way to enhance the performance of the V16 engine compared with the version of the same engine in its predecessor, the Veyron.

The Chiron will challenge the Veyron’s 268mph production car world speed record in 2018.

“We examined what ingredients we needed to defend our position and to raise the bar,” Dürheimer said. “We designed this engine 13 years ago to 986bhp. Then we brought it up to 1184bhp and now to 1479bhp. You cannot just shake out this additional 493bhp from the same components, so it was a dedicated design process and 95% of the components are new. Our calculation was that if we get the power [we need] out of the engine, we do not need a hybrid component.”

However, Bugatti might have to turn to electrification if it wants to push the Chiron’s abilities even further.

Dürheimer said: “If we would do a hybrid component, then it would not be to drive around in the city using electric motors. It would only be to add to the performance. This is something we have under consideration now. We will see what the future brings.”

Dürheimer added that packaging restrictions could pose an additional challenge.

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Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti originally brought us the Veyron and now has masterminded a 1487bhp, £2.5m masterpiece that's set to become the world's fastest production car

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26 August 2016
Already with 1479bhp. additional electric drive components could easily deliver another 521bhp.

26 August 2016
About time tbh as it almost seems old-hat to be combustion only. Personally I would like to see a hybrid option for eco + elec range rather than a performance boost.

27 August 2016
If I had just purchased a Chiron and I read this,I would not be happy.I was more than surprised when the car was launched without hybrid technology.Very Possible to extract an additional 400 HP from it but surely for this to happen cooling, tires, suspension, just about every major component imaginable would have to be redesigned. In light of VW'S current dilemma I would think this might be way down the pecking order.These cars are a loss maker for the group and a further investment would surely stretch things.

29 August 2016
I forget it's name,but there is a Car which claims to run 5000bhp,is this true?

Peter Cavellini.

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