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First leaked images of a facelifted Toyota Yaris show minor design changes, on sale in the UK from May
Darren Moss
1 min read
27 March 2014

Images of the facelifted Asian-market Toyota Vitz, which appears in Europe as the Yaris, have leaked online.

Toyota officials have confirmed the minor styling changes to the car's bodywork and interior will be coming to the UK, with customers able to order the updated model in May. The company has also hinted that, unlike other facelifted models, a price increase over the current Yaris is not expected. Today's Yaris starts from £9995.

As these leaked images, posted on an Italian automotive blog and reportedly scanned from a Japanese brochure show, changes to the Yaris' styling are minor and bring it more in line with the current Yaris Hybrid. A more aggressive front fascia can be seen alongside a more prominent front grille. New headlight designs can also be seen.

Inside, the updated Aygo keeps its minimalist, buttonless design, but gains a more premium look throughout. A higher-resolution touch-screen infotainment interface can be seen in the leaked images, alongside an updated multi-function steering wheel.

Toyota has already confirmed the Vitz RS version seen in these images won't be coming to the UK. That car sports a new X-shaped front-end design reminiscent of the new Toyota Aygo, revealed at the Geneva motor show earlier this month.

The company says the Aygo's X-faced design will not become a hallmark of its future cars.


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27 March 2014
Are Toyota in the UK so set on only selling to pensioners that there is no point in bringing in anything interesting to look at (86 aside)?

Pitched at a good price the RS could be a tempting 'warm hatch' like the Suzuki Swift Sport.

27 March 2014
In a word, "grotesque" ...

27 March 2014
I really don't find this facelift attractive at all. Toyota seem to be trying to make their cars more 'interesting' but, for me, they're really struggling. The Yaris is a shadow of its original self.

27 March 2014
... this is awful. That front end look terrible with the protruding grille/lower bumper with those gills on either side. Toyota just don't seem able to design something that looks decent on any of their cars these days, not that they were particularly brilliant before anyway. I agree with CornishGregg above in saying that Toyota UK are daft not to import the sporty version, tey'll never attract younger buyers without it and this facelift will probably put off the older generation as well, so in one simple move they could lose all their customers for the Yaris ! Brilliant marketing.

27 March 2014
Mr Toyota that in the UK we love hot versions of family cars? GT86 can not be every one's life style choice. And also can the Japanese car makers, please, stop pretending that Europe is not an important market for them as USA, etc.

27 March 2014
Definitely a nose job that's gone bad. A poorly designed hoover.

27 March 2014
This nose job may look ok on the bigger Verso, but it does not translate well on the Yaris. Must be difficult trying to inject such a mediocre design with some much needed glamour. The orginal Yaris was a breath of fresh air and to this day remains the best looking supermini Toyota has ever produced as it did not follow their usual nondescript design language. The current Yaris looks like a perfect replacement for the old 'Starlet'.

27 March 2014
Just ugly- inside and out.

Also with Toyota's defective brakes only an idiot would buy this car. I mean just how sad will it be to get killed driving one of these turnips?

When it comes to design and aesthetics unfortunately the Japanese never had much talent.

28 March 2014
One of the mysteries for me is how Toyota manages to sell so many cars around the world when on the whole their design is either anodyne or, as in this case, just downright hideous. Add in the wobbly reliability image created by the UA fiasco in the US and I'm beginning to wonder what their long-term prospects are in a highly competitive industry.

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