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But company's long-term future remains in doubt

Merc boss Dieter Zetsche has admitted that the super luxury Maybach saloon will be facelifted next year - but he refused to confirm that a next-generation car was being planned, adding to rumours that the brand is being axed.

"The contribution of Maybach is not significant or relevant but there are only two players in this market and we are one of them. But there are no plans in the long run," he told Autocar.

Zetsche also revealed that he thinks that luxury buyers' tastes are changing towards more "discreet and subtle luxury".

Chas Hallett

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ryaner 15 December 2009

Re: Facelifted Maybach confirmed

Personally, I think the Maybach only really makes sense on the continent or in the States. While it is ugly, I know if I were to be driven for a long period in a car, I would prefare to be in the back of the Maybach than any other luxury car, more room, more toys, and more ways to entertain yourself. But these long drives do not exist in UK, or where I live.

As for all the people calling it vulgar, I agree entirely but I do not understand how a RR Phantom is not. Driving along wih a giant chrome snow plow on the front of a car and a badge that looks like an winged woman presenting herself to be taken from behind is neither discreet or unassuming.

ahaus 15 December 2009

Re: Facelifted Maybach confirmed

The production numbers for Maybach is so small compared to RR and Bentley that they are barely a blip on their radar.

Given how nicely designed and equipped the MB S-class is, at a much lower price, it would make sense that this brand will go away. Maybachs need to be very special, bespoke, and tastefully designed to compete with anyone.

The obscenely priced Maybach Landaulet is an excercise of vulgar excess, and that's the only "special" aspect of their line.

Uncle Mellow 15 December 2009

Re: Facelifted Maybach confirmed

Autocar wrote:
the super luxury Maybach saloon will be facelifted next year

Does this mean it will be less ugly ? They need to facelift their mascot/badge - it looks like two spiders having nookie.