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Facelifted Mito will go head to head with Audi's A1 and Volkswagen's Polo in Europe
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10 September 2015

A refreshed Alfa Romeo Mito, which is expected to launch in 2016, has been seen testing on Italian roads for the first time.

The camouflaged car appears to be a facelift of the current model rather than an all-new car.

The updated version is likely to arrive with a new honeycombe front grill replacing the existing horizontal chrome bars. Minor changes to the front and rear light clusters and bumpers are also likely, all of which are aimed at bringing the Mito into line with Alfa’s new Giulia.

The Mito was launched in 2008 as a replacement for the 149. In late 2013 the Mito underwent its first minor facelift. At the time a simplified range was introduced along with a new economical 0.9-litre turbo Twinair engine and upgraded materials.

As with the previous facelift, Alfa Romeo is likely to use this as an opportunity to introduce further upgrades on the Mito as well as an improved range of engines.

The current Mito, which counts the Audi A1 and Volkswagen Polo among its rivals, is priced between £14,335 and £18,135. A small price increase is expected for the facelifted version.

Matthew Griffiths

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10 September 2015
I always though it was FCA's plan to axe the Mito as they strive to go upmarket. Seems like this is not the case. However, it's hard to see what has changed from those scoop pictures. Probably still no 5dr version which the Mito has needed for a while now.

Also, is the Giulietta due for the same refresh?

10 September 2015
Bought the car on looks and comfort of the seat. What let it down was the antique 1.4 n/a engine and dated chassis. It reminded me of my mk II XR2. Other than the usual Fiat problem of the power steering not working after start-up sometimes it was OK. p.s. I think that problem is caused by bad battery connections, it used a stupid quick release clamp.

10 September 2015
I have a Giulietta and it's been a fantastic car over the last (nearly) 3 years). Strangely, my nephew is 6'7" and he just bought a MiTo because it was the only small car he fitted in... but he couldn't fit in my supposedly larger Alfa!

The MiTo is on the same floorplan as the Grande Punto and Vauxhall Corsa so am not surprised you thought the chassis felt dated.

10 September 2015
Surely it's due more than just a facelift.

10 September 2015
Yeah, but seeing as GM's new Corsa is just a reworking of the previous car I guess neither GM nor Fiat can afford new platforms.

10 September 2015
Matthew, what the hell are you on about ? - the Mito was launched in 2008 as Alfa's first supermini it wasnt a "replacement" for anything certainly not the Alfa "149" - theres no such car, I think you meant 147, but the Giulietta replaced that. The cr*ppy Punto/Corsa platform was this car's downfall, guess we can hope theyve done something to improve things like maybe fit the more sophisticated Bi link rear suspension of the Doblo, which also uses the Punto/Corsa platform, it would certainly improve the ride and handling and it would be a class first.

11 September 2015
What was the Alfa 149? The MiTo wasn't a replacement for anything - there was no model to replace! It was an entry to a new market segment.

After 8 years it's due replacement, not facelift though.

Was never sure about the front lights, always thought that 159 style lights would've suited it better, even if the end result looked a little SEAT-ish.

11 September 2015
I think the Alfa 149 was the 147 replacement, which became the Milano, which then became the Giulietta. You are right though, it never replaced anything as it was Alfa's first foray into that market sector.

11 September 2015
I always wanted to like the Mito but it looks rather owl-faced at present. I also sat in one this Summer at a show and the quality was rather disappointing.

12 September 2015
"Facelifted Mito will go head to head with Audi's A1 and Volkswagen's Polo in Europe." I think we all know already how that contest is going to turn out. Seriously, does FCA really believe that a merely "facelifted" Mito and Giulietta will be anything but hopelessly off the pace and outdated in the coming years? We've already seen the lack of substance in the company's recent facelift of the Fiat 500, introducing dubious cosmetic changes and little else. The Giulia better be brilliant, otherwise Alfa will follow Lancia into total obscurity.


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