Brighton-to-London run showcases green technology
8 November 2010

The inaugural RAC Future Car Challenge has crowned the electric Volkswagen Golf as the judges' best overall entry.

Further awards were given to the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics diesel for the most efficient combustion engine, the electric Lotus Elise for most economical sports electric vehicle and the Mercedes B-class F-cell hydrogen car for most efficient fuel cell.

Other participating vehicles included an array of hybrid Toyotas, two electric Range Rovers, MINI, and VW's BlueMotion diesels.

The challenge, which ran from Brighton to London on Saturday, was designed to establish the vehicle that uses the least amount of energy to arrive at Pall Mall.

The 57-mile route challenged both cars and drivers in a variety of differing driving conditions, from hilly country roads to stop-start London traffic.

Having arrived in London some four hours after an 8am departure, the participating cars were lined up in a closed Regent Street for the general public to see.

The overall judges' favourite, the VW Golf blue-e-motion electric, is still in its development stages, but production is expected at the end of 2013.

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8 November 2010

Volkswagen will be pleased. Toyota not so much.

8 November 2010

I notice, from the press release, that the winning driver was Jim Holder - ex Autocar forum executioner.

8 November 2010

...and current editor of What Car?

8 November 2010

But what figures were achieved? Pointless story

9 November 2010

I agree that you are left with only a partial story without dishing out details about what figures were achieved during the RAC Future Car Challenge. Although this should not denigrate what seems to be an excellent idea to further ideas for alternate fuel cars.

9 November 2010

[quote ischiaragazzo]But what figures were achieved? Pointless story[/quote] Exactly. In the absence of any figures from the organisers, just about everyone including Proton is claiming to have won some award or other. At the moment we don't even know if these "future cars" are any more efficient than their century old predecessors were going in the opposite direction...

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