New concept at Detroit motor show, alongside production CTS-V Coupe
22 December 2009

Cadillac isn’t saying what the car in this teaser picture released this morning is, but it’s likely to reveal the brand’s new flagship saloon currently known as XTS, the name used inside GM.

If that proves accurate, it takes the new saloon a step closer to production, probably as a 2012 model, when it would replace Cadillac’s US market STS and DTS. Neither of these models have fared well in the hotly competitive luxury market.

See the Cadillac concept picture in hi-res

The XTS will continue the Art and Science design language used most notably in the smaller CTS, but will feature a more elegant and less edgy overall shape. It will bring a definite move up-market from the current STS, but maintain that car’s rear-wheel-drive layout.

Cadillac will also use the Detroit show to reveal its latest performance model, the CTS V Coupe.

If it follows the path of the CTS V saloon, the two-door will be powered by a supercharged, Corvette-derived LSA 6.2-litre V8, which produces 548bhp and 551lb ft of torque. Expect a 0-60mph time of under 4 seconds and a top speed – for the manual transmission model – of at least 191mph.

Caddy is expected to use both the XTS and new CTS Coupe to help it expand overseas, particularly in the fast-growing Chinese market.

The car will go on sale next summer.

Paul Eisenstein

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22 December 2009

Is it just me or does it look bland and shapeless even from this teaser?

22 December 2009

I think its a small car, or a B/C Segment small crossover. That's something Cadillac really needs in the US Market, and on a Global scale. If Merc can do a B-class, then why not Cadillac?

I know they plan on having a rebadged Cruze as a Cadillac, and that hasnt been shown yet. So, this could be it.

22 December 2009

Who in Europe cares? Most people would rather own something like I dunno..... a SAAB...

22 December 2009

I like cadillcs sharp styling at the moment. It offers an interesting alternative to the boring Germans.

But they really need to get some diesels to make them work in europe. I don't know why they cant use some of the vauxhall/Opel Diesels? GM is GM is it not?

22 December 2009

i also like the styling of the cadillacs at the moment but with heavy depreciation lack of dealers and prestige to take on the might of the germans why are GM even bothering? it must be costing a fortune to convert these to right hand drive for the uk who dont seem to want them! Saab have a better image in this neck of the woods! And i'd rather they built on this instead of killing them off and trying to bring more Caddy to the uk

22 December 2009

Fact is - everyone likes Saabs but no-one buys them. I would have a cadillac if they put a diesel in them. I think that would solve most of the depreciation problem as well. All large petrol cars depreciate heavily. I wouldnt be surprised if GM retained a few Saab dealers to convert to Cadillac ones. I'm sure GM will want a Prestige brand in Europe, and without Saab, Cadillac is the logical brand to fill the void.

22 December 2009

Petrol or Diesel, doesnt matter. Cadillac should be selling a lot more cars. They have a relatively new model line up, yet SAAB with it's ageing line up still massively outsells Caddy in Europe.

The reason Cadillac depreciates so badly is not because they don't do a Diesel but more to do with the fact that people will take cars like this on lease from new knowing they won't have the problem of getting rid of a car in a few years time that has no brand cachet amongst the kind of people that would play it safe and buy a second hand Merc or BMW.

Best thing GM can do is terminate this brand in Europe, launch the SAAB 9-5 as a SAAB in Europe and a Cadillac in the USA. Then merge the rest of the ranges together. Cadillac for Europe and possibly China. SAAB for everywhere else.

23 December 2009

[quote ja9ae] Is it just me or does it look bland and shapeless even from this teaser?[/quote]

Bland and shapeless would be a German car.

23 December 2009

TsTag, if SAAB was so good then they would be teasing Detroit with what looks to be a small car, and Cadillac would be shutting down, right?

SAAB=Near Luxury (Tier 3)

Near Luxury=Buick, Opel, Hyundai, MINI, Mercury, VW, Volvo, Chrysler.

Cadillac=Upper Tier Luxury (Tier 1)

Upper Tier Luxury=BMW, Benz, Cadillac, Lexus, Audi

(Tier 2)=Citroen, Lincoln, Infiniti, Acura

(Top Echelon)=Aston, Jaguar, Maserrati, Rolls, Bentley

Hey 1UAW, you see how that Sonata is going for the throat of your Regal.

23 December 2009

Saab has nothing really to offer at the moment - essentially, they only have two cars to offer, the 9-3 and the 9-5. Granted, there are different varients of the models, Estate etc but fundementally, its only two models. A manufacturer cannot survive with only two cars. Especially when they are both so old. OK, the 9-5 will be replaced with a new model but they will still only have two models. To be competitive they need more models, small car, SUV etc.

Theres a reason why GM wants to kill the brand as unfortunately, it just isnt a viable company.

Oh, and to: HyundaiSmoke - You need to stop telling us that Hyundai is a luxury brand. OK in the US they do sell some luxury cars, over here they do not. Hyundai is basically as cheap as cars get here. Budget and Cheap. You won't get anywhere by saying they are luxury. Be aware of the companies status in the local market.


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