Chrysler-badged Lancias will be in UK dealerships from June, Fiat confirms
17 December 2010

Fiat has confirmed its plan to bring Chrysler-badged Lancias to the UK from next year - starting with a version of the Delta and including the next generation of Ypsilon city cars.

The Delta is due on sale in June; it will receive almost no modifications to become a Chrysler - just a front grille and a badge. Five engines will be offered (the line-up should include a twin-turbodiesel and 1.4-litre Multijet petrols) and sat-nav will be part of a high standard specification. Chrysler sources say the car’s pricing will be “very competitive” in the Focus/Golf sector.

The next-gen Ypsilon will arrive in the final quarter of 2011 - although the car will be officially revealed (as a Lancia) at the Geneva show in March. Chrysler UK expects to sell no more than 1800 examples of the car next year, but it believes the Ypsilon has “significant sales potential” in the longer term.

Existing Chrysler products - a facelifted 300C and the Grand Voyager - will continue to be offered alongside the Lancias.

Andrew Humberstone, Fiat Group UK’s managing director, said the decision to badge Lancias as Chryslers - instead of bringing the Italian marque back to dealers in its own right - had been taken on the basis of brand recognition. “We found that Chrysler was better known,” he said, “and had a more positive reputation than Lancia.”

Jeep will also revise its line-up; the new Grand Cherokee will be joined by the revised Patriot and Compass, which will be offered with front-drive for the first time outside the US. The firm will also launch a baby SUV in 2014; the car will be based on a Fiat platform and will be built in Italy.

There’s no return for Dodge, though; its name now disappears from Europe, although its Journey MPV/SUV crossover will continue to be sold there, as a Fiat. Humberstone said that the firm’s UK division could not make a business case for a right-hand-drive version of the car, though, so it won’t reach British dealers.

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17 December 2010

Cool. I only hope though that Chrysler won't offer the cars with some of the weird Lancia styling. Delta aside, Lancia has some of the ugliest and most stupidly named cars around.

17 December 2010

Great news, I really like the Delta. I'd have to get a proper Lancia grill and badge if it was mine, though.

I'd like to pretend it was a Lancia, even if it said Chrysler on the V5.

17 December 2010

They have missed a trick here -should of kept as a lancia - the Lancia brand has more kudos and would have sold better.

Here's to the crazy ones......

17 December 2010

Its doubtful if these cars will sell well unless the Fiat group reliability takes a massive leap forward

17 December 2010

I am confused. I don't mind either of the brands... I like Chrysler because i like big american cars with bold styling. They're cheap too. The 300C is excellent value for money.

Despite the past quality issues, I like Lancia for their heritage and their leftfield cars.

I therefore must be in their consumer target. Yet I would not buy a Chrysler badged Lancia, nor a Lancia badged Chrysler. They're are so far apart in terms of image and heritage that I cannot see how the can attract any of the current/past customers of either brand.

17 December 2010

I'd much rather drive an Italian Lancia than an American Chrysler...there's something so much cooler with a Lancia.

17 December 2010

[quote Lee23404]Great news, I really like the Delta[/quote]

Absolutely. A very stylish car

Some entreprenuer is right now ordering a batch of Delta Grilles right now from FIAT no doubt.

My only problem is that since Chrysler themselves made such a hash of UK sales, my local dealer is miles away.

17 December 2010

nice one, just change the grille & then we can buy a Lancia grille & swap them back! Oh this is old news, i posted a thread on this forum earlier on in the week about this!

17 December 2010

I think putting a Chrysler badge on Lancias here will be good the british, as Chryslers are sold at very competative prices, but Lancia always had a more up market image and prices to match. Personally i dont care what the badge on the car is as long as the car is decent. I find it hard to understand why so many on here are bothered by the badge

17 December 2010

The cars will be sold as Chryslers in markets where Chrysler is the stronger marque

No UK Lancia, Chrysler is stronger.

This is not news. It has been known about for months.


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