Currently reading: Czinger reveals $1m Hyper GT with 1233bhp V8 and gullwing doors
Czinger claims the new Hyper GT, which joins the 21C hypercar, is “the most powerful grand tourer ever produced”

American hypercar start-up Czinger has revealed “the most powerful grand tourer ever produced” to join its uber-fast 21C hypercar, as it pushes to become an established car maker with “a portfolio like Lamborghini”.

Named the Czinger Hyper GT, the two-door, four-seat saloon concept will get the same 1233bhp twin-turbocharged 2.88-litre hybridised V8 engine as the more track-focussed 21C, which will be mounted at the front.

Complete with gullwing doors, 3D printed wheels, and camera-operated side mirrors, it commands a hefty price tag of between $750,000 (£613,260) and $1 million (£817,680), but it will be much higher-volume than the 21C, as Czinger plans to build 1000 examples at its headquarters in Los Angeles

Dubbed “functional art”, the GT sits in a “new category”, according to owner Kevin Czinger, who, along with son and company co-owner Lukas, revealed their new offering at Monterey Car Week, along with the new Czinger 21C V Max.

At the front, LEDs surround the bottom of the grille, with a low slung, wide nose. A long sloping roofline defines the car’s silhouette, with a high splitter and honeycomb bodystyling rounding off the rear end. The roof also doubles as a window.

“We are using the design language of the 21C, so people will see it as a Czinger vehicle,” said Kevin Czinger.

“The thing really looks like the equivalent of a cheetah or some very sleek yet powerful and strong animal, and it uses that strong [V8] hybrid. So this is going to be, by far, the top performing GT ever built and ever put out on the street.”

Inside, details are scarce, but it can accommodate four adults “with a lot of leg and head room”, and will be fitted with the latest tech - although details of what this will be have yet to be confirmed.

The Hyper GT will be followed by an as-yet-unknown electric model before 2030. 

Chairman Kevin Czinger confirming to Autocar that the firm intends to launch a performance model in every segment.

“The original conception of Czinger was to produce that ultimate road-track car [the 21C] that could set all of the records,” said Czinger.

“Then the idea was ‘this could be a really, really cool brand’, with the father-son combination, that creates a whole series of the most off-the-hook vehicles in each of the categories. 

“But, you start with something that has the shock effect, like the [21C] hypercar, and then you start looking at these other performance categories and start building vehicles around them in order to build the kind of portfolio that is a real car company.”

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Speaking about if the firm models itself on a more established brand, Czinger said: “We don’t model ourselves after anything, but in terms of a portfolio, where you’d have a hypercar, a supercar, a GT, and then other follow-on vehicles, yes I see us like Lamborghini [in that regard].”

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ischiaragazzo 20 August 2022

Kia called - they need their front end back pronto

Peter Cavellini 20 August 2022

 It's not how fast or how quick, it's, how far can it go on a charge?

scrap 20 August 2022

It's not been produced yet, as it seems not even a concept or prototype has yet been built. Coming from the company with a hypercar that hasn't yet sold out its 80 production run, this feels like vapourware.