C-line range from Citroën will seek to strike a balance between cost and functionality - but it doesn't aim to rival Dacia

Citroën will show the first of its new ‘C-line’ value cars in just over 12 months, according to its CEO, Frederic Banzet.

In an trade press interview, Banzet revealed that the C-line brand will be the final link in the repositioning of PSA’s Citroën, Peugeot and DS brands. 

The first C-line car is expected to be the replacement for the ageing C3 supermini, which is described as being “competitively priced” rather than a low-cost rival for Renault’s Dacia brand. Banzet says that the model was “inspired” by the radical C-Cactus concept from 2007.

The DS line will become a stand-alone marque, with a view to charging the same kind of premium prices as German brands and an eye on serious growth in China. Peugeot will attempt to take a more upmarket slice of the mainstream European market.

Citroën’s mainstream models — the C-line — will be pitched at buyers who seek a balance between cost and functionality. 

According to Banzet, the production costs of the C-line models will be held down by simplifying the range line-up and, for example, reducing the number of drivetrain options. 

However, Citroën says that it will avoid falling into the 
trap of competing purely on price and will use bold styling that “really sets us apart 
[from rivals]”. 

Citroën planners figure that ‘characterful’ styling has proved — via the Fiat 500 and DS3 — to be a very effective way to add perceived value 
to a model.

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20 May 2013

Ever get the feeling you've been misled by a photo?

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

20 May 2013

So is this a 'repositioning' of the standard Citroen models? aren't theyalready  sold on price, with large discounts? 


'Citroën planners figure that ‘characterful’ styling has proved — via the Fiat 500 and DS3— to be a very effective way to add perceived value 
to a model.'

isnt the D'S range already doing this?

20 May 2013

The rhetoric seems a bit confused, but I guess they know what they're doing?

I wonder how far the C-Cactus inspiration will go.....

20 May 2013

Its going to replace the aging C3? eh? Its only 3 or 4 years old, hardly aging! 

Also, is the new DS brand, and a more upmarket Peugeot, not going to clash?

20 May 2013

Citroen has already spawned the more premium DS range, I really don't understand the reasoning behind believing Peugeot is better positioned to go "upmarket". As an owner of a  '69 Citroen DS Pallas and a '77 CX Pallas I'm probably biased but I really believe that Citroen has a finer heritage for semi-premium cars than Peugeot. And separating the DS line completely from Citroen is ridiculous, the "lesser" Citroen badge doesn't appear to be hurting DS3 sales...

20 May 2013

Provided that Citroens are to PSA what Skoda is to VW then it should work.   Assuming that Citroen aims at the Skoda  customer base and Peugeot aims at VW and then the DS brand would take on Audi.

However if Citroens are relegated to compete with Dacia - then this would be a disaster.   

I fear it marks then end of Hydropneumatic suspension and Citroens individuality.   Perhaps they want Citroen to become the ASDA of car brands.

20 May 2013

Citroen were supposed to be producing a DS1 model as a starter for their DS range.  So far, it's a no-show, so this entire new concept will probably arrive in a very diluted form in several years...or not at all.  I'd have bought another C1, but felt that despite some upgrades, a new model was what I would prefer, or the DS1 had it been available.  I'd have even gone for a C2, had they produced a replacement.  I enjoyed my time with my C1 and would gladly buy another Citroen if they produce a car which can give me as much pleasure to own. 

20 May 2013

I think Citroën are about to go out and surprise us. People have been criticising citroen and the Ds and claiming they want quirky cars again. Proper Citroens... I hope those people are ready. 

I'd agree with the comment about unque designs being successful.

imagine if the Mini had been produced under the rover brand. Rover would still exist. The 500 is the life support unit of Fiat. The Nissan juke is all over the place. The Audi tt needs no introduction nor does the smart for2. The Evoque has been pretty successful as well.

Get affordable design right and it pays. Question is, what will Citroën do? I think it's exciting. If you love cars its a pleasure to see manufacturers doing things differently and making some effort to surprise. There aren't enough everyday cars today that make you stop and say I need one of them... And it's affordable.

Fingers crossed we'll get something no one else dares to do that is super useful and fun.

21 May 2013

I said it before that Citroen should have the DS models as their mainstream range.They could have priced it between the current C and DS models without the usual discount so as to protect the future value of the cars.The PSA strategy seems misguided to say the least.

24 May 2013

I presume that moving 'upmarket' for Peugeot means that in future they will be supply a breakdown truck with aircon and leather seats?


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