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Big luxury saloon could open up new markets for Citroen
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18 April 2010

This is the Citroen Metropolis, a big luxury saloon that will be formally unveiled at the Shanghai Expo next month.

The Metropolis, which is bigger than a long-wheelbase S-class or A8 L at 5.3m long, and as wide as a Maybach 62, at two metres, could open up an entirely new market for the French manufacturer.

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China is the second biggest market globally for Citroën, and it’s a market that likes its large luxury saloons. BMW is unveiling a long-wheelbase 5-series at the Beijing show this week, and VW will show its facelifted Phaeton.

The Metropolis is the first car to be styled and developed by the PSA Group’s Shanghai design studio. It builds on the themes established by the Hypnos concept, using a full-width Citroën double chevron in the grille, the same upright intakes ahead of the front wheels and even near-identical door mirrors. The complex turbine-style wheels are 21-inchers, with 265/35 tyres.

Underneath the Metropolis is a modified version of on the PSA Group’s Platform 3, which is used in cars such as the Citroën C6 and Peugeot 407. Both Peugeot and Citroën build Platform 3 cars in China in a joint venture with local manufacturer Dongfeng Auto.

The Metropolis uses a hybrid drivetrain, combining a 2.0-litre V6 petrol engine with an electric motor that can increase its output from 55bhp to 95bhp when needed.

The engine produces 272bhp and 277lb ft, but using the motor’s overboost function, the two are capable of increasing the combined output to 460bhp and 317lb ft. The transmission is a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, with four-wheel drive.

Citroen claims performance matches that of a 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine but CO2 emissions are just 70g/km.

Dan Stevens

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18 April 2010

[quote Autocar]The complex turbine-style wheels are 21-inchers, with 265/35 tyres.[/quote] Ouch. I can't imagine the ride quality on 35 profile tyres, I find 45 bad enough! For some reason I really like the look of this though...


18 April 2010

'Citroen claims performance matches that of a 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine but CO2 emissions are just 70g/km.'

Yeah, yeah - bigger than the Ark Royal and does 200 mpg ... Is it just me or do these figures suggest that the way CO2 output is measured for hybrids must be either up the spout and/or all but meaningless?

My left eyebrow has practically crawled off the top of my forehead. My chin is numb from the stroking.

18 April 2010

I am sure this is just what the Chinese have been waiting for. Nobody else will want it though.

18 April 2010

Can I be the first to say that front end looks very similar to the new XJ - big, big grille, narrow lights. Well you can't blame them, after Jag used sooo much of the back end of the C6. . . .

Seriously though, this looks no more than a concept car. With past French failures at Luxomobiles, they'd have to have a big set of b---s to actually make this.

18 April 2010

To everyone who is scoffing at this car - just remember it is a CONCEPT car !! Be realistic and acknowledge that it won't make it to production in this form. I really like the styling, this is the sort of car we were all told we'd be driving today by the pundits of 20/30 years ago. I hope that Citroen make something as close to this as possible or practicable.

18 April 2010

I'd be interested to see what the final version looks like. I'm guessing it will at least be more flamboyant than the German offerings in China, and if anywhere likes big saloons at the mo, its China. I like the low-slung roof and Phantom people say, it's just a concept

18 April 2010

Well, I don't think this is 'Citroen' enough. If Citroen were to do anything bigger than the current C6 (which I think is still a brilliant-looking car), then it would need to be an obvious Citroen. This concept, to me, doesn't scream Citroen. It actually reminds me of the latest Audi A8 from the front. I can imagine it would sell, but in very limited numbers (possibly even smaller than the C6), and to French presidents. Though I can't imagine this Metropolis rides as well as a C6! In America, though, something like this could go down very well indeed. At the moment though, I'm undecided on it.

18 April 2010

Oh, poor, poor Citroen, once purveyors some of the world's most beautiful cars - the Traction Avant, ID, DS, CX, be reduced to this mediocre, over-styled, grotesque luxo-barge.....The C6 was bad enough - trying really hard to bring back echoes of the last real Citroens......and only ending up looking awkward.....then the new DS (DiSaster) and now this 'thing'........if Citroen were an elegant, but elderly Afghan hound, once graceful, once svelte, but now going blind, deaf and slighty incontinent, it's doting owners would have put it to sleep. PSA, if this is truly the best you can do for the Citroen brand; do the decent thing. Please?

18 April 2010

[quote Mr_H]then the new DS (DiSaster) and now this 'thing'[/quote] Have you seen the DS3 up close? I think it's a pretty good looking car, certainly better in the metal than in pictures. And it's been proven to be one of Citroen's best efforts for years. And I think the C6 looks brilliant. I agree that this new Concept is overstyled, but I think it's cars like the DS3, C6, C5 and C3 Picasso that show Citroen at their best these days. I don't think they'll ever quite be the make they once were, because they were so innovative. It's difficult to repeat that, for any manufacturer I reckon. But their styling (production cars, certainly), is on a roll. The DS3Racing looks like it'll be brilliant too... we can only wait and see :p

18 April 2010

Ok, so the car is too big for Europe, but if China is their second biggest market then maybe they could make a go of it.

Of more interest is the 2.0 V6. As they no longer have petrol engines for their bigger cars over 1.6 litres a turbocharged 2.0 V6 could be just the thing to make the bigger PSA cars more desireable in other parts of the world that just dont get diesel.

A 270 bhp V6 with a manual box could be just what the 508 needs. Bring it on PSA


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