Currently reading: Citroen C4 Cactus scores four stars in latest Euro NCAP tests
Safety authority awards Citroën's new crossover four stars, while the Nissan X-Trail and Mercedes V-class both score top marks

The Citroën C4 Cactus has achieved four stars in the latest round of Euro NCAP safety tests.

The new crossover achieved an adult safety rating of 82 per cent, while also scoring 80 per cent for pedestrian protection. 

NCAP engineers said that during a front impact both driver and passenger would be well protected against injury, while also noting "good protection in all areas tested" for the front bumper in a pedestrian collision.

Also on test this month was the Nissan X-Trail and Mercedes-Benz V-class, which both scored top marks. The X-Trail in particular was praised for its inclusion of crash avoidance systems including autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning.

The V-class, revealed earlier this year and due to go on sale in the UK next spring, scored 93 per cent in safety tests with adult occupants. Testers noted that protection for passengers was good in all areas.

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fadyady 1 October 2014

Perhaps missing a beep!

I saw the first Cactus in black darting across a super market car park today. It looked good better than 2008. The black paint did a good job of hiding the funny blisters on the doors. I also don't know any more how to interpret the NCAP scores. They keep changing the goal posts without much in the way of explanation. Consequently cars become heavier.
Shrub 1 October 2014

Changing perceptions...

A couple of years ago a five star NCAP rating would have had some influence on my buying decision but not so much these days. Recent tests have shown that cars are often just as strong and protective of their occupants with four stars and only miss out due to a lack of electronic crash avoidance safety gizmos. That isn't to knock these devices but it shows that the tests aren't all about passive safety, as they once were.