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Corvette shooting brake to become a production reality
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3 October 2013

Corvette tuner Callaway is to put its Corvette shooting brake, named the Callaway AeroWagon, into production.

The new shooting brake, which is based on the latest Corvette C7, features a rear hatch formed from carbonfibre using an advanced moulding process. The firm has not revealed the increase in luggage capacity, but claims it will be “significant”.

Due to the Corvette’s chassis layout, a four-seat option will not be offered. The standard cabin will remain, although Callaway will offer a teak boot floor with stainless steel inserts, as well as upgraded carpets and leather side panels.

The AeroWagon configuration retains the standard C7 Corvette’s rear valance and tail-lights. Callaway has confirmed a four-door version will not be produced.

Callaway originally claimed the AeroWagon to be capable of more than 200mph, 10mph more than the standard car. Production versions of the AeroWagon are expected to perform much like the standard C7 on which they are based though, due to the only difference being a slightly lower drag coefficient. 

It's thought that Callaway will soon offer upgrade packages for the C7, however, which could deliver a significant enough boost in performance to push the C7's top speed past 200mph.

The Connecticut-based company is yet to confirm exact specifications, but says the AeroWagon package can be specified on standard Corvettes and models already modified by the company.

The AeroWagon conversion is expected to cost around $15,000 (£9250) and can be supplied by Callaway or retrofitted to customer cars.


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3 October 2013

want want want

3 October 2013

Look familiar?, the overall shape, something Italian,with trick FWD?,when most talk about supercars/hypercars,American hot rods don't come into it,yes, in America there are a lot of good car tuners,but no real respected ones outside the US who produce must have cars,Ferrari, Corvette...?, i'll have mine in Ferrari Red,Porsche,Mustang?, yep, i'll have the Porsche thanks.

3 October 2013

Will this be available for the UK market? If not, how does this possibly warrant a story on Autocar?!

3 October 2013


I guess it's in here because Autocar is syndicated around the World,it's online too,so maybe that's why this carbuncle of a car merits a mention.

3 October 2013

Oh this looks interesting: a practical corvette with 4 seats...oh wait, it's just a normal corvette with a hatchback. So, the point of this is what exactly?

3 October 2013
Michael.P.Ross wrote:

So, the point of this is what exactly?

The point of this is to make lots of money selling them to gullible Yanks.

3 October 2013

Whats the point if it doesn't have two back seats. Otherwise could have been a cut price alternative to a Ferrari FF.

3 October 2013
Porus wrote:

Whats the point if it doesn't have two back seats. Otherwise could have been a cut price alternative to a Ferrari FF.

Agree, and Autocar shouldn't be describing it a shooting brake, either. As Porus states, they always come with rear seats (small ones, but seats nonetheless). This is a sports car with an enlarged hatch-opening boot. It's styled to look like a shooting brake but, by definition, it isn't one. But to be fair to the manufacturer, they didn't fall into that trap - calling it an AeroWagon instead - Autocar on the other hand...

3 October 2013

Very stylish corvette Aerowagon, if you ask me. Ideal for Paris Hilton.

4 October 2013

Bring on the Right hand drives, I like it.

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