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Special Platinum Edition includes 22-inch chrome wheels plus heated and cooled cupholders

Cadillac has launched a more luxurious version of its large Escalade SUV: the Platinum Edition.

The company’s new addition for European customers is described as offering "the next step in luxuriously appointed Cadillac interiors with cut, sewn and wrapped leather and soft and inviting naturally finished Tehama aniline leather seats".

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It also features a host of extras on top of the standard version, including a rear-seat entertainment system with DVD, a power-assisted step and 22-inch chrome wheels. Adding to its luxurious theme are heated and cooled front cupholders.

Priced at £69,724, the Platinum Escalade is on sale now, although currently only available to UK customers in Manchester at its Bauer Millett & Company dealership.

Cadillac also produces a hybrid version of the Escalade, which mates a 6.0-litre V8 petrol engine to an electric motor, producing 332bhp. Read Autocar's first drive of the Cadillac Escalade hybrid

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Peter Cavellini 25 November 2010

Re: Caddy's new Escalade for Europe

I've seen two tele tests on this truck (because it's THAT heavy!), and yes, i can see the bling factor, but, come on, this car has got a serious drinking habit, hasn't it?,and you wouldn't use it as a workhorse in the building trade,just not practical, parking space?, where would it fit?, negative?, yes, it's a three ton mobile stage for image obsessed people, a limo car for hire company's, if you've got money to burn, then fine, nobody can stop you, if you like it, that's OK.

Maxycat 24 November 2010

Re: Caddy's new Escalade for Europe

It amuses me to think that someone sitting at a desk thought WOW I know how to square it with the enviromentalists. We will add a small electric motor to our 2.5 ton SUV with a 6.0 litre petrol engine. That surely will reduce fuel consumption, US gallons, from 11mpg to maybe 12 mpg. Job done planet saved by US auto industry.

jelly7961 24 November 2010

Re: Caddy's new Escalade for Europe

theonlydt wrote:
So, I've seen one, I've been in one, I've had the misfortune to drive one and I still think it's crap. Cramped, poor quality, slow, uncomfortable, noisy and expensive. Want to keep arguing that its any good?

Indeed. All the detractors are wrong. In no way is this thing good anywhere on this planet. Yes I have driven one and worse still my brother has one as a company car in LaLaLand. We drove it earlier this year from LA to Pebble Beach for the Concours and I have never been more uncomfortable in a 'car'. It was truly truly truly vile in every way. And the remarks re there being plenty of room in it. It's not exactly cramped but its use of space is wasteful. It should be much bigger inside for the external dimensions.