Brabus's latest creation is an extreme version of Mercedes' 611bhp GL63 AMG
3 June 2013

Mercedes tuner Brabus has revealed its latest high-performance SUV. The Brabus B63-620 Widestar is based on the Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG, but sees power boosted further, and bodywork extended 80mm to create a wider stance.

The GL63 AMG’s 5.5-litre biturbo V8 has been boosted from 550bhp to 611bhp using Brabus’s PowerXtra plug-and-play remapping software. The revised injection and ignition mapping allows the car to accelerate to 62mph in 4.7sec — 0.2sec less than standard — and on to a top speed of 174mph.

The exhaust system features butterfly valves to increase engine volume on the move. A 'Coming Home' mode dampens the sound.

Wheelarch extensions — part of a bodykit that includes new bumpers and a roof spoiler — allow the Brabus GL to be fitted with 23in forged alloy wheels and 305/30 tyres.

Brabus says the body modifications reduce lift on the front axle when travelling, aiding cornering at speed and provide extra brake cooling.

Interior revisions include leather and Alcantara hand-stitched seats.

No prices have been revealed, but expect a significant hike over the standard GL63 AMG’s £91,715 price tag.

Jimi Beckwith


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3 June 2013

There is something rather wonderful about making this HGV so fast. Completely pointless, but still wonderful

3 June 2013

No there isn't.

Should be outlawed, pile of pointless sh!te.

3 June 2013


its completely pointless as is a supercar that can break 200mph but its a work of engineering genius.

Things like this are the reason I'm into cars and I for one I'm glad it exists.

imagine how dull the world would be if everything deemed pointless, stupid and even vulgar were outlawed.

Now, that would be sh!te.


3 June 2013

People who buy it will have more money than class: rich peasants like feetballers and rappers.

4 June 2013

You'll need a footballer's salary to pay for those 23" tyres.

4 June 2013

since when did autocar forum dwellers become arbitures of taste? i for one am glad that brabus has the balls to piss off the green brigade

4 June 2013

Widestar by nature. This SUV will be 2062mm wide from wheel edge to wheel edge. That's 6 foot 9.2 inches and most width restrictors, in London at least, are 7 foot. So that's less than 3 inches gap, or an inch and a half each side. You'd have to be brave to risk it... Still, I'm in favour of cars like this if that's your bag. Not mine, though.

14 June 2013

It is really a worthless word that Mercedes can cross 611bhp.  This car  itself having good facilities mileage and all but this much of mileage is not possible for any vehicle. People like to purchase this vehicle because of good mileage. This rumor may affect this brand but the familiarity of Mercedes will be always present in the society.

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