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Top tuner gives Merc supercar performance and styling tweaks
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1 September 2010

Tuning powerhouse Brabus has given the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG a ‘no-holds-barred’ makeover with a series of styling and performance tweaks.

Changes include an aerodynamic pack made from carbonfibre, lightweight forged wheels, electronically adjustable suspension and a titanium exhaust with a louder bypass gate.

See pics of the Brabus tuned Mercedes SLS AMg

The aerodynamic pack comprises a new front spoiler, surrounds for the air inlets, new air outlets on the side – complete with blue-illuminated Brabus lettering – a rear spoiler and reprofiling for the new exhaust pipes.

Brabus is still working on the 6.3-litre V8, and has yet to release final performance figures. But Brabus claims its new exhaust system weighs 40 per cent less than the standard pipes and adds an extra 10bhp to the engine’s output.

The custom-made forged wheels are 20in at the front, 21in at the back and are 12 per cent lighter than the stock rims. They come with 275/30 ZR 20 and 295/25 ZR21 tyres from either Pirelli or Yokohama.

Customers can tailor their SLS AMG’s interior to their own tastes by selecting the type and colour of the Brabus leather. A new ergonomic steering wheel comes with new stainless scuff plates and another illuminated Brabus logo.

Ride control allows drivers to lower the ride height by 40mm and drivers can select two ride options that are said to be more comfortable or sportier than the factory settings. A lift system will also be available; it can raise the front by 50mm to tackle speed bumps and ramps.

Brabus has yet to release any pricing details for its version of the SLS.See all the latest Mercedes reviews, news and video


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1 September 2010

All this and another 10bhp!?, wow!, what next?, oh, of course the extra fifty grand for the pleasure, come on, are there more fools out there with more money than sense?.

1 September 2010

I read the article to say the 10bhp is just from the exhaust changes, the engine output is still to be revealed.

I have to say I think the car is much less appealing and beautiful than its original inspiration. This looks like a car for the mega rich footballer rather than a car enthusiast.

1 September 2010

No holds barred makeover with only 10bhp so far quoted extra, I find it hard to believe that no holds barred can be as little as this from Brabus without some serious engine tweaks and treestump removing torque.

1 September 2010

[quote Peter Cavellini]

All this and another 10bhp!?, wow!, what next?, oh, of course the extra fifty grand for the pleasure, come on, are there more fools out there with more money than sense?.


Yep, absolutely. As long as there are people willing to shell out a hefty premium on top of very expensive cars, then companies will continue to bring out these models.

Not entirely sure why you would want more performance from an SLS, but that's just my green eyed monster raising its ugly head

1 September 2010

What?? Why doesnt it have 16 turbochargers and an engine that has to have a torque limiter on it to protect the transmission? This isnt the Brabus SLS i was expecting!

1 September 2010

The SLS isn't exactly a car where i thought 'hmm, could do with more power'. Still, this tuned version is unbelievablly tame for Brabus, both in power and looks. And no roll-off-the-tongue-name either like Brabus Bi-rocket Hyperspace SLS V8 Thrust Powerstorm.

1 September 2010

Isn't this Brabus a case of putting their name on someone else's homework? Prise off rival AMG's badges and put Brabus on....

1 September 2010

"Blue illuminated Brabus lettering" - what I want to know is: Where would a 12 year old be allowed to drive it?

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