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The first pics and details of the new BMW X3 M Sport have leaked onto the internet

The first pictures and details of the new BMW X3 M Sport have been leaked onto the internet.

The popular upgrade package, particularly with UK buyers, includes changes to the suspension and steering, as well as visual changes to both the exterior and interior.

See the leaked pics of the new BMW X3 M Sport

The exterior has been given a M Sport full bodykit that includes new side skirts, more aggressive bumpers and modified wheel arches to accommodate 19-inch M lightweight alloy wheels.

Interior changes include a multifunction leather sports steering wheel with gearshift paddles and a custom gear selection lever. Front sports seats can also be ordered with Pearlpoint cloth-leather upholstery and an Anthracite roof liner.

New BMW X3 revealed: full story and official pictures

Dynamic changes include lowered sports suspension with stiffer dampers and variable sports steering.

BMW has confirmed that the standard car will go on sale on 20 November this year, with the M-sport package likely to follow in in the first half 2011.

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Vidge 123 22 July 2010

Re: BMW X3 M Sport 'revealed'

Straight Six Man wrote:

I didn't say no-one wants an X3 - I just doubt anyone really wants a car that looks like this.

Straight Six Man wrote:
how can you claim that when in my post, i quoted EXACTLY what you said!!, surely saying "no-one wants this hideous P.O.S, is the same thing as saying no one wants and X3, i personally LIKE the new X3, i wont buy one as i am 26 unmarried and have no kids, but if that situation were different and was in the market for this sort of car i would look very long and hard at it. Its much more elegant than the frankly revolting Rover with all its bling, and dont even mention the Chav-tastic Q5 with the christmas lights!

point is just because you don't like it doesn't mean others wont

wheats 22 July 2010

Re: BMW X3 M Sport 'revealed'

Straight Six Man wrote:
The people who will buy it are the wrong kind of customer

What a ridiculous statement, surely the people who buy it are exactly the right sort of people, otherwise they wouldn't but it - The X3 whilst not very pretty in 2.0D SE guise is great to drive, very economical, well specced, roomy, cheap to service, good in snow, very robust and backed up by dealers who really care about service, unlike Audi or Land Rover. We didn't buy ours for the image or it's looks, but because it is the best overall real world family size 4X4.

If you really want to see them in huge numbers just go to the Austrian or French Ski resorts, they are everywhere because of there excellent ability in the snow.

wheats 22 July 2010

Re: BMW X3 M Sport 'revealed'

Vidge 123 wrote:
i would like to say from the outset that personally i like the look of this car

I agree, looks much better than I thought it would, then again there was nothing much wrong with the old one (great car to drive and own, just not very pretty).