Autocar spies have photographed the BMW X1, due for launch in 2010
14 July 2008

Here’s the BMW X1 seen for the first time without the cladding that BMW has been using to disguise the car. The X1 will go on sale in 2010 and slot into the range below the X3.

Significantly less awkward looking than the current X3, the X1 is a continuation of the softening of BMW’s controversial design themes. It appears more evenly proportioned than an X3. Expect a large side window in the C-pillar, and a full length glass sunroof is likely to be an option.

Our exclusive pictures of the car’s interior show that the X1 shares most of its componentry with the 1-Series – even the steering wheel is the same – which confirms the fact that it is based on the same mechanical platform as the hatchback.

>>See more pics of the forthcoming BMW X1

The 1-Series platform has been modified to take a compact four-wheel drive system, and the same chassis will underpin the forthcoming Mini SUV as BMW attempts to improve its economies of scale.

We’ll have to wait for pricing details, but expect BMW to position the X1 against the lower reaches of the Freelander range.

Dan Stevens

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14 July 2008

It is just me or is this just a 1-series with a wonky rear end? Looks a bit like an astra estate from the main pic!

14 July 2008

"Expect a large side window in the C-pillar" ?? Really ??

14 July 2008

Yes Silver_Lining, I don't know how they can tell what this car will look like with all that disguise all over it. Perhaps I'm not squinting enough?

The X3 is fugly and if this thing is closely related to a 1 Series it not going to have much chance in the aesthetics department. Love child of an X3 and a 1 Series? Oh dear.

On the other hand, at least BMW is keeping one step ahead of Audi and MB in the SUV sector. They're only just answering the non-question that was X3. Now they've got to start all over again with the X1.


14 July 2008

Oh well, there you are. Jeremy Clarkson's bread van is really coming up to scratch and fulfilling his vision. "Hovis" decals, optional.

It has always been ugly and just gets more so.


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