Currently reading: BMW i3 to go on sale in July
New ‘megacity’ hatchback available to order in July, price tag of around £35,000

Order books for the production version of the new BMW i3 ‘megacity’ vehicle will open at the very end of July, according to a BMW source.

It’s rumoured that the all-electric version will cost in the region of £35,000, while the range extender model will command a premium and be priced at around £38,000.

Due to arrive in showrooms at the tail end of October, the new i3 will be offered with an all-electric or range extender powetrain. 

This means that BMW’s innovative new car will command a substantially higher price tag than alternatives like the Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe or Chevrolet Volt.

The hybrid i8 sports car, the second model in BMW’s new i range, is set to arrive in 2014 and will cost approximately £100,000.

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MikeSpencer 18 April 2013

I'm no BMW apologist but...

...its got a carbonfibre body/chassis has it not? Next most affordable one of those is the upcoming Alfa 4C at around £40k. Ignore the VW XL1 oddity and then you're into McLaren MP4-12C territory. Admittedly, the McLaren is a little quicker than the BMW, and sexier. You pays your money...

Leslie Brook 18 April 2013


The other big issue apart from the ridiculous price compared to a proper city car such as a Hyundai i10, is that (as with all new technologies) the pace of development is so fast that you'll spend £35k on one of these and in 3 years time it'll be the equivalent of a VHS player when everyone else is buying DVD for half the price.

audiolab 18 April 2013



OK I take your point, although thats not quite how I meant it.

Is this the first eco car that people will actually buy in any number.


Is the high price an indication that batteries are included?