BMW CEO confirms electric and fuel-powered microcar
12 September 2008

BMW is working on a tiny ‘mega city’ car, company CEO Norbert Reithofer has confirmed. The project, which was first revealed by Autocar back in April, is being driven by future fuel economy and pollution rules in both the US and EU.

“It’ll be a car with a completely new look, with two engines available. One will be a very efficient combustion engine and the other will be a purely electric model,” Reithofer told the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit.

The electric-powered microcar will comply with Californian regulations, which dictate that by 2012 a fuel cell or battery-powered vehicle must have a range of over 200 miles.

By the time the new city car arrives those rules will be in place, though the frugal and super-clean internal combustion engine will still be the big European seller.

There’s no news on whether the car will wear the BMW badge, but BMW has previously said it was considering launching a fourth, ‘green’ brand. Reviving the old Isetta marque is said to be one of the possibilities.

Hilton Holloway

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12 September 2008

Reminds me of the rather cute E1 from 12, 15 years ago.

13 September 2008

I find the front a little odd looking, but then which BMW isn't odd looking lately?

14 September 2008

Very nice design, as always BMW designs are head and shoulders above the rest.

14 September 2008

[quote blktoy]

Very nice design, as always BMW designs are head and shoulders above the rest.


Interesting taste you have. Anyway, what ever floats your boat.

14 September 2008

anyone make a link between this and Gordon Murray's latest venture, which is being designed "for a 3rd party customer"...?

just a thought..

15 September 2008

Isn't this the joint venture they're doing with FIAT?

16 September 2008

Hopefully they will not use the BMW badge who would want to be driving a micro car and still be one of the most hated drivers on the road!

14 July 2009

[quote blktoy]Very nice design, as always BMW designs are head and shoulders above the rest. [/quote]

Clever, perhaps. Essential even for the future.

But in terms of aethetics this reminds me of one of those engines in the Thomas the Tank Engine series that is always scowling ... pug ugly.

EU Referendum now. Let the people speak.

5 September 2012

BMW Is The World Famous Car And No 1 Brand In The Whole World.The Technology Used In It Is Very Nice And to lga

28 September 2012

A complete new design by BMW. The best feature is the double engine. Afterall its world 's no 1 brand so it will draw huge attention.This model can create a difference both in the market as well as in minds of people who doubt on the efficiency of electric powered cars.

shift mx


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