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The best new car deals and leasing offers for this week, including deals on the Ford Mondeo, VW Golf, Infiniti Q50, Volvo V60 and Mazda 6
Darren Moss
2 mins read
27 February 2014

If you’re in the market for a new car, or after the best new-car leasing deal, you can save thousands with a little research. This is the pick of what our deals experts have found this week. 

Best new car deals

The Ford Mondeo is our favourite family saloon, and even though it's due for replacement soon the Ford is still a class leader in all the right areas. This 2.0-litre TDCi model in Graphite specification from Motorparks costs £16,972, a saving of £1,223 from the list price.

The Volkswagen Golf is consistently a top scorer on our road tests, and currently sits at the top of our list of the best family hatchbacks. We spotted a 2.0-litre TDI version in GTD specification for £25,162 on Buy A New Car Online. That's a saving of £2473 from the list price. 

Best new car leasing deals

Infiniti's Q50 is a somewhat alternative choice for fleet buyers, but there's no denying it's a relatively comfortable and economical saloon. We found a 2.2-litre CDI model in SE trim for £304.52 per month. That's on a four-year contract with Albion Vehicles and with an initial payment of £1827.12.

For those looking for a stylish family mover, the Volvo V60 ticks almost all the right boxes. This D2 model in R-design trim from Applied Leasing costs £238.80 on a four-year contract, with an initial payment of £1432.80 and an annual mileage limit of 10,000.

Deal of the week

Our long-term Mazda 6 has seen plenty of miles over almost a year with the Autocar fleet. In saloon form its boot is cavernous enough, but for even more space there's always the estate version. This 2.0-litre Tourer in SE-L Nav trim is £17,779 when bought through, a saving of almost 20 per cent from the list price.

Can you find a better deal? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Ford Mondeo 2007-2014

The Ford Mondeo is a fine car in most areas. The family hatch is still a class leader even as its replacement nears

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27 February 2014
I never throughout I'd see the day when just over £25k on a Golf diesel was a 'good deal'. I have to say, after 2 letters and speaking to the dealer on behalf of my parents, VW have really not done enough. Their car is a lemon. They want rid of it. VW won't buy it back. I really could not recommend a MKVII. I think a 1980s Lancia is built better at the moment. Misaligned doors, an intermittent fault with the stop start, incorrectly fitted window seals, broken touch screen, broken boot catch, severe orange peel on rear panels, noticeable and sharp flashing on nearly all door and lower dash mouldings, misaligned kick plates and boot scuff plate, wobbly roof console, it feels constantly gutless, cheap seat trim, loose interior door catches, there is a new fault every week at this rate. So far, VW will look at the touchscreen, engine mapping and fix the boot catch. Everything they say isn't a problem.

27 February 2014
That must the smallest discount ever recorded on a Mondeo. In what way shape or form is that a good deal. Column inches for the mJs to keep the editor off their back again I think.

28 February 2014
That Mondeo is such a good looking car. One of those cars that doesn't quite look right as a cheapskate model with 15-inch alloys, but in the right spec with stylish alloys and a nice paintjob it's really handsome.

I just wish they would offer a 6-speed manual to the 2-litre Ecoboost models...

28 February 2014
I've never been in to car leasing, so I speak from a position of ignorance, but there's one deal that always strikes me as interesting and potentially better than others:

BMW 6 series Grand Coupe 640d SE auto - £447 + vat per month. over 36 months £2682 deposit.

As I say I know nothing of leasing but when you consider the same car is approx £600 per month elsewhere, that people charge £447 for a 3 series, that a 5 series costs more and that the car in question costs £65,000... it sounds interesting. Perhaps someone who knows what they're talking about may expand on the above. Too good to be true?

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