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Porsche’s chief engineer Wolfgang Durheimer will take over at Bentley and Bugatti in February

Volkswagen’s worst-kept secret of the past few months – that Porsche’s chief engineer Wolfgang Durheimer is to succeed Franz-Josef Paefgen early next year as boss of Bentley and Bugatti – has finally been officially confirmed.

Durheimer, 52, currently chief of product development and research at Porsche, will take over at Crewe and Molsheim in February, though Paefgen is expected to wlork on in an advisory role until his official retirement date in May, and may stay longer in a consultancy role, though he is expected to move back to Germany.

New Bentley-Bugatti boss Durheimer is credited with presiding over a period of unprecedented growth at Porsche, during which the Cayenne, Panamera and RS Spyder have been created. As well as his new responsibilities, he will also become director of motorsport for the whole VW Group.

Durheimer’s replacement at Porsche is Wolfgang Hatz, 51, previously VW’s head of engine and transmission development. In the announcement of his appointment, Matthias Muller, chairman of Porsche’s executive board, claimed Hatz “has all the credentials needed to strengthen the position of Weissach as a competence centre for sports car development".

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TStag 29 November 2010

Re: Bentley's new boss revealed

Oh no can't they afford someone decent? Sure this guy has got the cash flowing at Porsche but at the price of Porsche's dignity.

pigface 29 November 2010

Re: Bentley's new boss revealed

That is the most negative whinging remark i've read in a long time. I'd say Bentleys are wonderful machines and utterly desireable despite the people that seem to be able to buy them. Is it just that you can't afford one and are just a tad jelous?

kdwilcox 29 November 2010

Re: Bentley's new boss revealed

So,the Bentley model we can buy now will be

built for the next 50 years,have an update every year,

have a special model every few months where they

take things out of the car but increase the price.

How nice.