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Bentley is evaluating Audi's dual-clutch gearbox for use on its new Continental GT

Bentley is looking at equipping its new V8-powered Continental GT variant with a dual-clutch transmission that sister-company Audi badges as S Tronic.

Bentley’s engineers are doing engineering studies on the feasibility of packaging the S Tronic into the Continental’s transmission tunnel.

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The major challenge is re-engineering and productionising the GT’s underbody and running gear to accept the S Tronic, which is a different shape to the six-speed ZF the W12 GT will employ.

The dual-clutch transmission could benefit drivers by delivering a sportier driving experience, which Bentley believes will suit the new group of buyers expected to buy the V8 GT.

“The V8 will find a new audience for us. There are sports car enthusiasts out there, particularly in the US, who won’t buy a sports car unless it’s powered by a V8,” says Bentley’s new sales and marketing boss Alasdair Stewart.

The price of the V8 is likely to be just below the £135k W12, suggesting a figure north of £130k, although it has yet to be finalised.

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On sale in early 2012, the V8 will help Bentley maintain sales of the new GT at the same level as the outgoing model, which peaked at around 5000 cars a year. With sales falling away in the recession, Bentley expects to make as many of the new car as the old one, thanks to the addition of the V8.

The company is also defining the next-gen four-door Flying Spur, which is scheduled for launch in late 2012/early 2013. The Chinese market, with its requirement for generous rear legroom, is likely to dictate a very similarly proportioned model to today’s. China alone takes up to 40 per cent of Spur production.

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dipdaddy 13 October 2010

Re: Bentley GT to get Audi S Tronic

Never regarded this as a proper Bentley even when it first came out nor do i think it will age very well. All good the German Parts never fail but Bentley has always been in a league of its own, nothing can quite match its mammoth looks. Shame i can't say the same about this. Its a cheap Bentley primarily aimed at the masses who can't afford a decent Bentley but go for the cheaper model. Giving it Audi parts doesn't make it any more special than it was before. Please just get rid of it. If you want a Bentley that makes you feel special then get a 2nd hand one with a good service history and get a feel of the hand made finish at half the price BUT only if you can afford the maintenance and servicing cost becuase cars like the older days i feel were classed as unreliable because owners couldn't afford its high cost of ownership.

moe360 12 October 2010

Re: Bentley GT to get Audi S Tronic

Do not see why every one moans about the Tech behind this GT, so what if its made from parts of other VAG (Audi VW) tech. They produce some of the best technology in the industry at the moment and Audi's tech is really good so why not use it save money and make profit, Bentley are a business !! so they do have to work to a certain goal.

Name me a current car company that has better tech then the VAG group ??? not many so theres nothing wrong with them using some in the new GT.

Brava 12 October 2010

Re: Bentley GT to get Audi S Tronic

nimmler wrote:
what next? the 2011 Continental GT will have the navigation unit from a diesel skoda superb LWB taxi driver special, Audi V8 engine , air suspension and from the A8? wait a minute..