ECall system made a mandatory requirement by EU for all new vehicles

Emergency call devices that automatically alert rescue services to car crashes will be a mandatory feature in all new cars.

The European Parliament voted to make the eCall emergency call technology a standard feature in all new cars and light vans by 31 March 2018.

The eCall system is already fitted to some mid-range models. It is designed to alert the emergency services to serious road accidents automatically, enabling a faster and more appropriate response.

The European Parliament has repeatedly stressed that reducing deaths and the severity of injuries on the roads is its priority. It estimates the system could reduce road deaths by 10% a year.

Concerns over the misuse of vehicle owners' data have also been addressed. The draft law’s data protection clause forbids tracking eCall-equipped vehicles before accidents occur. The automatic eCall provides only basic data including vehicle type, location and time of incident, number of passengers and the type of fuel used.

Information gathered cannot be passed to third parties without consent and manufacturers have to ensure that data gathered is permanently deleted.

Rules passed in 2014 stipulate that EU member states must have the infrastructure in place to process eCall requests by October 2017.

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28 April 2015
Citroen and Peugeot have been fitting this to years. My DS3 has an SOS button.

"Work hard and be nice to people"

29 April 2015
its a wonderful idea but sadly due to government cuts there are no ambulances and police to attend your accident.

Cant help but think mandatory bluetooth hands-free in cars would have prevented a lot of accidents in the first place ??

29 April 2015
Lets spend money on preventing said accident in the first place by whatever means, less accidents less deaths.

29 April 2015
so not really a good idea. Everybody has a mobile phone today and
what's wrong with a free phone app ? More tech being loaded onto cars, and inflating prices, we don't need. Still, who would argue against more safety ?

29 April 2015
Not everyone has a mobile phone. I have a mobile phone, but it that is all it is -just a phone - no apps/internet and a 7 day battery life. I only take it when I need it, so often it is at home. I also leave it my pocket when driving so if it does ring, I can't retrieve it as my trousers are too tight. I save it until I have completed my journey. People understand and it is not the end of the world.

Rather than this solution to call for assistance when you crash, how about fitting a mobile phone jammer that is turned on when the car is started. No distraction, no accidents and no need for emergency services? Ban hands-free kits and big TV screens in centre consoles so people look where they are going. And 4 point seatbelts have good results in crash tests I hear, so make them compulsory.

29 April 2015
Andrew 61 wrote:

so not really a good idea. Everybody has a mobile phone today and
what's wrong with a free phone app ? More tech being loaded onto cars, and inflating prices, we don't need. Still, who would argue against more safety ?

What if your mobile phone runs out of battery, or you forget it one day? You would constantly need to charge your phone as well as running the sensors inside it while you are driving will eat battery life.

An acqaintance died recently because he crashed into a tree by himself on a remote country road and wasnt discovered for 2 hours. This system would have saved his life.

Im not sure what all the data protection is for when the police sell your details to the injuries claim sharks anyway.

29 April 2015
Speed up response, then slow them down with speed bumps, chicanes, etc.

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