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More than 6000 issues including 1.1 million pages are now offered through The Motoring Archive

The entire Autocar magazine archive has been digitised and is now available online, making the world’s most comprehensive history of the automobile accessible to all.

Autocar was first published on 2 November 1895 and has been published virtually continually since then. The entire archive – covering 125 years and containing more than 6000 issues and 1.1 million pages – has been digitised by Archive Digital Limited, and will be available through

The Autocar Archive is now the most comprehensive history of the car available online. When the first issue of the magazine was published, there were just six cars on the UK’s roads, and Autocar has since charted every major development and driven every significant car.

The Autocar Archive will initially cover the first 125 years of the magazine’s history up to 2020, with this year’s issues then archived and made available in 2022.

The digitisation process undertaken by Archive Digital Limited involved scanning every page by hand, which ensured the preservation of the centuries-old early issues of the magazine. It took more than six months to complete, and is believed to be the largest magazine digitalisation process undertaken in the UK in the past 20 years.

The online archive has been developed so that issues can be searched using key words, allowing for unrivalled access to an unparalleled reasource.

Autocar editor Mark Tisshaw said: "Digitising our archives is a brilliant initiative, as it creates a unique resource for everyone, from curious enthusiasts to historians, to use and enjoy.

“Autocar has always been the essential weekly for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest new car reviews and news, so we’re delighted to make all 126 years of our expertise and knowledge available online. This development creates a one-stop source for future generations to learn about the evolution of the car.”

This week's edition of Autocar will contain an 18-page special showcasing exactly how the archive was digitised, and highlighting some of the content found within. It is onsale on Wednesday 3 November.

To celebrate the launch the Motoring Archive, you can enjoy your first 14 days of access for free, switching to just £7.99 a month thereafter.​ ​Head to and enter AUTOCAR007 at checkout to start your free trial.

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Punctured 1 May 2022


After joining today I was extremely disappointed at the performance of the archive.  The search process was crude, very slow and din't produce a single result even when tried searching for 'Ford'!

Trying to read issues was pointless since the pages turned far too fast and I could find no way of slowing them.

I wish I had read these comments before I handed over my credit card details but I had though Autocar was a reputable publisher.  Now I doubt it.  I have cancelled my subscription, perhaps Autocar would restore some credibility by returning my payment but judging by the above it looks like I will have to stop them taking more!






David Porter 24 December 2021

I’ve had a virtually identical experience to LP in Brighton.

After a few hours reviewing the product, I encountered poor quality and illegible text particularly in places on diagrams making reading tedious.

Pages were missing. There was a very difficult and user-unfriendly interface.

I cancelled within hours. The website cancellation was not entirely convincing, but I was charged the first monthly subscription.

In communications with Archive Digital, they confirmed it was cancelled, and all my data deleted. They couldn’t (or wouldn’t) explain why the “free trial” had been charged.

The argument over which part of “free trial” they couldn’t understand was blanked. Becoming loud and final on my part they eventually came back with a profuse apology and admission that there was a system error on their part and would make a full refund.

Whilst waiting for this over the weeks, I noticed another unauthorised withdrawal by them. Fraudulent operators?

The rest is work in progress.

Watch this space!

David Porter 7 January 2022

Fraudulent plundering of account quickly resolved by Credit Card operator and refund / reversal of both transactions received. Further transactions blocked! End of!!!

LP in Brighton 23 December 2021

I too signed up for the free trial and rather foolishly gave my card details. I used the site once, enough to discover that it was just work in progress and wasn't properly functional. So decided that I wouldn't continue beyond the trial period. A few weeks later I noticed that my bank account had been debited for a months subscription which came as a surprise. So. I immediately logged on to the site and cancelled my subscription. It was definitely cancelled because it would not allow me to log in. Now one month later I notice that my account has now been debited again for another month. So far as Iam concerned, this on line archive seems to be nothing other than a scam. With no obvious means of contacting the company, I guess I will have to spend an hour on the phone calling my bank to ensure no further payments are made.

Merry Christmas, Autocar!