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The latest info about the JP1 made famous by Project Gotham Racing

Joss Developments Limited's new JP1, the supercar made famous by its appearance in video game Project Gotham Racing, is nearing production.

The JP1 prototype, was first introduced by the Australian car maker at the 2004 Melbourne motor show and Joss has been testing the concept since then.

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The company has revealed it is currently putting the final detailing touches to the 1:1-scale clay model that will determine the car's final physical form. The company has put a premium on the JP1's design.

Technical director Matt Thomas said: “The car’s all-important aerodynamic and mechanical packaging needs have still allowed us to produce this final design, one which we are certain will impress when it is revealed.

“When everything is factored in – from engine positioning to centres of mass and pressure and so on – the car’s personality largely comes from how it looks. For me, this is a simple but critical fact.”

The two-seater’s 4450mm long and 1860mm wide body will be made of carbonfibre and will rest on a composite honeycomb sub-frame.

Power will come from a mid-mounted, aluminium V8 engine which propels the rear wheels and is connected to a six-speed manual gearbox.

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The engine’s displacement and torque is yet to be confirmed, but the test vehicle used a 6.8-litre unit that produced 440bhp and 420lb ft of torque. It is expected that the JP1 will accelerate from rest to 62mph in under three seconds and will continue on to a top speed of estimated top speed in excess of 210mph.

Joss has not yet confirmed a launch date for the JP1, but they expect to sell it for around $500,000 AUD (£290,000).

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caboosemoose 14 August 2010

Re: Aussie supercar nears production

Nice looking mock up, but I doubt the real thing will look as good once they've grappled with details like windows that actually open... I assume it's powered by ye olde Chevy V8. If so, that puts me off a bit.

simonali 10 August 2010

Re: Aussie supercar nears production

Where are the headlights? Six years in the making and it's still not finished!

Leslie Brook 10 August 2010

Re: Aussie supercar nears production

I'd be surprised if it can top 210MPH with 'only' 440BHP. It must be very slippery and have no downforce.