Hot new Audi S7 set to showcase a new twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 engine co-developed with Bentley
27 September 2010

Audi’s hot new S7 is set to be powered by a new twin-turbo V8 engine, Autocar can reveal.

The new 4.0-litre engine is expected to produce around 550bhp in the S7 when it reaches showrooms next year.

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The engine has been co-developed with Bentley and will also feature in the new Continental GT in 2012; both cars will be all-wheel drive.

The Audi S7, pictured here in these undisguised spy pictures, will get a whole host of styling changes over the standard A7 range it is based on.

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These include larger alloys and brakes, a sportier front bumper with larger air intakes and quad exhaust pipes.

Audi is also planning an even more powerful RS7; this is expected to use an upgraded 580bhp version of the 5.2-litre V10 engine found in the R8 mated to Audi’s new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

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Audi A7

The Audi A7 Sportback is a five-door coupé that scores on style, refinement and technological sophistication, but is it enough to ruffle the BMW's and Mercedes-Benz's feathers?

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27 September 2010

Should be briskish then?

27 September 2010

How much more lame this article could be!?? First you were so late bringing this to light when the whole world saw these pics with many more last week, and then throwing silly numbers on the table when everyone knows now that the S7 will have 408 PS and future RS7 could only have V8, since V10s are becoming obsolete in this type of cars... Do your homework better guys! This only shows how indifferent you are about Audi, and probably everything else that is not British...

27 September 2010

Lets hope that V8 has north of 500 neddies when it reaches Crewe ....

27 September 2010

I dont agree the V10 is obselete as Lambo are hardly going to launch a V8 in their next Murcielago are they?

I do think the power is over estimated though as I suspect at least 100bhp will seperate the S7 and RS7.

27 September 2010

[quote Quattro369]I dont agree the V10 is obselete as Lambo are hardly going to launch a V8 in their next Murcielago are they?[/quote] I did say ''for this type of car'', didn't I? We are not talking here about mid-engined supercars...

27 September 2010

V10 are not obsolete nor are big heavy cars and big engines, it has been propaganda or wishful thinking in the media. It maybe true for poor people looking for city/supermini/family cars/sports cars. But the premium market is resistant.

The reality is well into the future the market for big powerful engines is healthy. Aston Martin i have just read are producing a 500bhp+ V12 Lagonda in 2014. Yes that's 4 years in the future and a V12 engine...

27 September 2010

38carssofar, could this be the last hurrah for large capacity engines?, i mean their extracting more and more power from 4,6 pot car's nowadays, and with hybrid starting to invade supercar territory, i just think 10,12 pot car's are on their way out, they make a great noise you say!, well tuned exhausts take care of that, smaller engined car's are lighter, better balanced, hell their even getting cheaper too run!, and, how much power do we really need on public roads?,if 300/400bhp isn't enough, what is?, Cosworth's latest Scooby has almost 400bhp and a substancial 400lb/ft of torque!, now that's surely enough for that brisk 2 mile drive too Tesco's, isn't it?.

Peter Cavellini.

27 September 2010

[quote iploss]The reality is well into the future the market for big powerful engines is healthy. Aston Martin i have just read are producing a 500bhp+ V12 Lagonda in 2014. Yes that's 4 years in the future and a V12 engine... [/quote] Aston Martin is not, how is it said, at ''the edge of modern engineering'', to say the least! So, not really valid point here...

27 September 2010

Iploss, yes we'll have V-10,V-12's but less of them,people with money don't care about that,they even understand that smaller capacity engines are better but they just see that these car' with V10.V12 engines are a "you've got to have this car, it complete's you!) mentality, where money means nothing,because there's nothing they can't have (no ambition), car's are an accessory at this level of wealth, after all 7years from nw your not going to see our Nigel down the pub saying,"geuss what i bought for new transport?", are you?.

Peter Cavellini.

27 September 2010

S1 - maybe it'll be called that or maybe not

S3, RS3 - rumoured to be in the pipeline

S4, RS4

S5, RS5

S6, RS6

S7, RS7


S8, RS8(?)

R8 V8, R8 V10, R8 GT

Sorry guys, you might like having so many to choose from but for me it's just too much now and I'm bored of it!


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