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Audi's Mini rival gets 1.4-litre 170bhp turbo petrol engine and arrives in March 2010
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30 May 2008

The Audi A1 supermini will go on sale in March 2010, a secret company document has revealed. The engineering papers, which were sensationally leaked out of Ingolstadt, detail the Audi A1's new line-up of four-cylinder launch engines.The petrol model range begins with an 86bhp, 1.2-litre petrol engine. Further up there'll be a naturally aspirated 1.4-litre petrol with 122bhp and a high-performance, turbocharged version of the same unit that will yield 170bhp.New diesel engines include a 1.6-litre common rail injection with 90bhp or a range-topping 2.0-litre common rail unit.Audi is making no comment about the leaked document, but sources say an internal investigation has been launched.


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wolseley 30 May 2008

Re: Audi A1 by March 2010

JJBoxster wrote:
bog standard
I'm surprised Ingolstadt's bothering to launch an inquiry. Anyone can guess what it will look like, what's going to power it. Unlike the unique A2 (I owned one for four years and loved it) the A1 is just so predictable, and rather disheartening. The sceptic in me suspects Audi might be leaking information themselves in order to sustain interest in what appears to be little more than a blinged-up Ibiza.

Quattro369 30 May 2008

Re: Audi A1 by March 2010

Somehow this car is actually looking much better to me now then when the pictures were first released...but apparently its getting a siginificant makeover before its launched as bosses are not happy with the design. Lets just hope they dont do a scIROCco - and get rid of all the interesting bits! The A1 Hybrid (driving the rear wheels) quattro model sounds appealing.

JJBoxster 30 May 2008

Re: Audi A1 by March 2010

I'm slightly disappointed the A1 is more trad' hatchback than the A2 which I had a real soft spot for. It takes Audi into bog standard over-crowded hatch territory rather than the more unique sector the A2 had almost to its own.

Having said that the aliminium A2 was too clever (ie. expensive!) to catch on and sell in numbers. The A1 certainly has that mass appeal . Ho Hum!

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