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Vauxhall's next fast Astra to offer huge power and performance for its class

Vauxhall’s next fast Astra is set to break new ground in the hot hatchback market, according to GM Europe insiders.

The new car will offer more power, and a more focused chassis and drivetrain hardware, than buyers usually get for their money in this class. A preview for the car was shown last week as the GTC Paris.

See the pics of the Vauxhall Astra GTC from the Paris motor show

The ‘concept’ featured a 287bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, but sources suggest the finished VXR should break through the 300bhp barrier, giving it more power, and greater performance potential, than Ford’s recently discontinued Focus RS.

As well as power, the next Astra VXR should also have greater traction and roadholding than the first. It is rumoured to include a mechanical limited-slip differential for the front wheels, as well as the ‘Hyperstrut’ front suspension developed for the Insignia VXR to combat torque steer.

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“The GTC Paris is a great-looking car, and the Astra VXR will look just as great,” said GM Europe’s design chief Mark Adams. “But we’re very anxious not to overpromise and underdeliver with the car. It will definitely not be all show and no go, I promise.”See the video of the Astra GTC concept at the Paris motor show

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kcrally 11 October 2010

Re: Astra VXR 'to break new ground'

looks quite stylish for a german car (opel). off course some people will buy a black one. why ? this liverpool saga is a good laugh. they spend 100's of millions, probably only employ 100 people, and now the're surprised the're bankrupt.

thebaldgit 11 October 2010

Re: Astra VXR 'to break new ground'

The only new ground that this hot Astra will break would be new for Vauxhall as the likes of Renault and Ford will have been there first. The torque-steer issues which plagued the old model have been contained by these cars.

Johnnytheboy 11 October 2010

Re: Astra VXR 'to break new ground'

If it was remotely innovative it would break new ground for Vauxhall, whose hot hatches seem generally to be designed to compete with what was around when they were conceived. So by the time they come out, the game has moved on.