Currently reading: Aston One-77 'to have 750bhp'
Official rating gives hypercar the world's most powerful normally aspirated engine

Aston Martin's One-77 supercar will have what the firm claims is the world's most powerful normally aspirated production engine when deliveries start early next year.

The Gaydon manufacturer has confirmed today that the car's 7.3-litre, V12 poweprlant will be officially rated at 750bhp and 553lb ft, figures that will place the One-77 comfortably clear of Pagani's 681bhp Zonda Cinque and even the track-only Zonda R Clubsport.

Aston remains confident that all 77 examples of the car will be sold, despite a price tag in excess of £1.2m.

The company is said to have firm deposits for more than half of the production run, with "serious expressions of interest" that will cover more than the remainder.

Dr Ulrich Bez, Aston's chief executive, said, “The One-77 is approaching a production reality and of course, there is considerable excitement in the project.

Now the next steps are all about details and refinement to complete the composition. I know the final car will demonstrate what the Aston Martin team is capable of.”

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Locknload66 25 September 2010

Re: Aston One-77 'to have 750bhp'

(( @ Peter Cavellini ))

I live in a frequently inclement bit of Northern England called Durham ( been here nearly 50 years), if you do ever venture out of your bedroom and away form your poison keyboard you should go and see the Durham City and its majestic Cathedral, its a beautiful part of England. If that does not interest you they have a good train spotting club or maybe Morris dancing is your thing.

My hatred for all motoring things that pertain to be American are legendary, see my other posts if you require further stalking material.

You really need to understand that what personifies "Britishness" into a car is its bespoke quality, its hand built panels and its racing and development pedigree. I can only apologise if you havent grasped that modern cutting edge, race bred motoring, (british or not) needs to embrace exotic materials such as carbon fibre, titanium, gold and silicon carbide, its not just for showing off purposes, these ingredients are neccessary for the performance characteristics of the product, lightness, strength, durability and balance.

I have also been in the Motor trade for many, many years and have had the pleasure to drive a vast amount of vehicles during this time, I would personally consider myself to have a fair degree of knowledge regarding what makes a car good or bad.

Hope that clears the distorted demographic for you.

Best Wishes old bean.

Ektor 25 September 2010

Re: Aston One-77 'to have 750bhp'

This car's foremost attribute is presence, for its rarity, its muscularity (a bit overdone, mind you) and the sound emanating out of that heroic motor.

That said, it is hopelessly overpriced. Most of us have been critisising the LF-A for just that, but consider this: Take an LF-A, equally or even superior technically to the One-77, increase engine capacity to 6.0, giving an output roughly in line with the Aston's, then rebody with an Ian Callum/Pinifarina/Giugiaro design. Then sell for half a million.

Sure, it's just speculation, but Toyota could easily pull it off if they had the inclination. Maybe even a good customising house could do it, but the point is showing just how much gazillionaires are willing to pay over anything resembling reason for exclusivity.

Burtonez 25 September 2010

Re: Aston One-77 'to have 750bhp'

Fantastic response to this poster who consistently annoys with his holier that thou attitude to other peoples opinions. Nice one Handsome Guy.

Cars like this are the reason I love cars so much- Thank you Aston, I look forward to seeing the road test, which, I am sure will quiet all the doubters here!